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Hi friends! What. A. Weekend. It really did feel like a whirlwind. So much so that I have few photos to prove how great it was. Here is a quick recap...

As a reminder, our wonderful friends Jim & Kyle got married this weekend. And I was helping out by being their day-of-coordinator.  Friday I was busy running a quick rehearsal and then taking photos at their rehearsal dinner. I was busy. And it was super hot. So I have no photos (except the ones on my big camera, but they haven't been uploaded to my computer yet). So just trust me on this - the rehearsal went well, the dinner was fantastic with heartwarming and funny speeches (and a poem and a song!), a hilarious video, and the food (truffle fries! zomg) was fantastic. All around great night. And not a photo to show for it.

Saturday was the big day! With the ceremony set for 12:30pm, we were up super early and crossing our fingers for no rain. The rain held off, but the humidity was intense. But I'd rather have a wedding in full sun and 95°, than in the middle of a thunderstorm.  While the bride and her maids prettied, I was upstairs on the roof directing vendors and setting up 100+ ghost chairs while attempting not to melt. Love that she chose to do the ghost chairs because it really makes the city view the focus. Just look at it...

A few hours later we were ready and I sent the wedding party down the aisle. I felt like a director of a show or something. Waiting in the wings, watching the production take place. And just look at them - what a setting and what a couple. It truly was breathtaking. 

Let's zoom in for a closer look.

After that my work was almost done - food, toasts, cake cutting, and the first dance. 

There were so many wonderful personal touches to the day - including a seriously awesome infographic on their program. All of which I failed to take photos of (hullo I was busy working through our timeline!). I'll try find a program to take a photo of though - it was pretty awesome and for any future brides a great idea. 

After my duties as DOC were complete, I was able to find my handsome date and hit the photo "booth" wall. (The wall came with this awesome grass on it - we just added the bunting).  

The best part about a day wedding is that we were home by 7:30 with pizza delivery on the way. I was exhausted. I'm not kidding, I'm pretty positive I was asleep by 8:30. Either I was really tired or the Saved By The Bell Lifetime Movie was just that bad.

Sunday was a fun one. Our friends Daniel and Sara just got a black lab puppy named Thatcher so they came over for a doggy play date while the boys watched The Royals (yay!) and Chiefs (eek) games. Cue 37,000 photos of two adorable dogs playing...


^^ It took two hours before they both tuckered out. 

Lily was out for the rest of the night. And so was I. I quickly ordered groceries for delivery Monday (so off on my weekend schedule this week) and followed it up with a desperate Chinese take out order. It was just one of those take-out-for-Sunday-supper weekends. I wasn't mad about it. And then I snuggled my pup until morning. The end. :) 

Hope you had a super weekend!

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