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"Back to school. Back to school. To prove to Dad that I'm not a fool." Billy Madison anyone? Anyone? While it's not back to school, it's back to work full speed ahead. Everyone's back from August vacations, offices are full, to do lists are long. Ahhhh. Deep breath.

We closed out summer the right way though. Celebrating our anniversary, an "Al's choice" day, and some serious Labor Day snugging. Here are a few photos...

We celebrated our anniversary this weekend since Al was pulling an all nighter on our actual date (poor Al!). He's a smart one and still gets me flowers - from Petal by Pedal of course. Love their fresh and local arrangements. We didn't get each other gifts this year - well not specifically. We have bottles and bottles of wine arriving every day now from our Napa trip. The trip and the "souvenirs" are our gifts to each other. Good gifts indeed.

Oh! And since the office was so dead on Friday, I had a special visitor for a little bit. She was so good at helping me with some reports. But she tired out on the job at the end.

Friday night was low key - whole wheat personal pan pizzas - from Dinner: The Playbook, duh!

Saturday was perfect. Early morning meal planning with my partner in food...

Followed by a long walk to the park.

And then Al and I got cleaned up and headed to the Upper West Side to stroll around our old neighborhood and visit Riverside Park and the spot where Al proposed. It was such a lovely evening to reminisce and remember all the fun we had up in that area. And to think about how young we were! It's crazy to think that we've survived (and thrived if I do say so myself) in this crazy city for over six years. What a ride it has been. 
^^ THE proposal spot. Still makes me smile and get chills.

^^ Please note how uncrowded Riverside Park is. It's the best!

^^ The beautiful Riverside Church. This was covered in scaffolding for the entire two years we lived near it. Nice to see it all cleaned up.

^^ Our old apartment building! Ahhh memories.

Dinner at our old favorite little spot, Pisticci. We had our first meal here after signing our lease. It's just the most darling of little restaurants - garden level with painted sunflowers on the outdoor wall (Kansas!). We'd go for special occasions when we first moved here, as we couldn't afford to eat there that often. The menu is the same as it was and it is SO good. What a great way to celebrate our anniversary - at a place that meant so much to us and was a part of so many celebrations for those two years.

Headed home. Yes, we used to live where the subway was ABOVE ground.

Sunday was what we like to call "Al's Choice". And being the dino-loving, rock-collecting kid that he once was, he chose The Natural History Museum. I had been before with my dad, but it was Al's first time. And watching him was adorable - his eyes would get big and light up just like a little kid. And he made me watch a 3D IMAX movie about great white sharks. It was a great way to spend a muggy afternoon (air conditioning!). You don't need to have little kids to enjoy the museum - we loved it!


^^ Not thrilled that I made him pose for this photo.

^^ Looking for the french bulldog exhibit. I think we need to make a donation for the Lily Mayo Hall of Frenchies.
Monday was super productive, well it started it out that way. First brunch and wedding planning talk with our friends Kyle and Jim at Friedman's. I'm their day-of-coordinator and we had to finalize details for this weekend's big event! And afterwards, Jim and Al shot hoops in our building. Apparently it was the weekend of "pretend Al is 12 years old".

And then I attempted to start editing the 200+ photos I have of our Napa trip. But I got le tired. So I napped with the sweetest girl. 

And then made Ina's Vegetable Tian for supper. We ate every last bit. So good.

And now missing this face so bad it hurts.

Hope all of you had great long weekends. Look on the bright side - it's already Tuesday!

But wait! That's not all! I have the winner of the Dinner: The Playbook giveaway!

I used a number randomizer to make sure the drawing was fair. Allison Taylor, you're the lucky winner! Please send me your address and I'll forward it to Random House and you'll get your free copy of Dinner: The Playbook. Enjoy and thanks to all who left comments and entered. 

Have a good week!

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