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Hi Friends! How was your weekend?  Our quick trip to Durham was awesome! I was too beat on Sunday night to edit photos and whip up a post, so the Weekend Recap is coming at you on a Tuesday. But with plenty of fun family photos to make up for it. As a reminder, we headed to Durham early Saturday morning for the Duke-KU football game. And to walk around the campus and reminisce with Al's parents (his dad went to Duke and played football there). Here are a few photos...

You know what's fun? When you get an email from the airline a month before your flight saying they've changed their schedules and your 8:30am flight is now set to depart at 6:45am! You know what's even more fun? When your 6:45am flight doesn't actually depart until 8:30am. 

So we were a little sleepy upon arrival in Raleigh-Durham, but nothing that a Carolina Barbecue lunch couldn't solve. We dined at Ed Mitchells Que (apparently, Ed Mitchell knows his BBQ) next to the Durham Bulls stadium (no Kevin Coster sightings, unfortunately). Great plate of ribs. Not pictured is Al's "chopped whole hog" which is a Carolina specialty.

After lunch we drove around the Duke Campus and then checked in to our hotel. The famous and very old and regal, Washington Duke Inn.  Gorgeous hotel with beautiful golf course. 

I love how all the old Southern hotels have tons of sitting rooms. There were about 10 more similar to this one off little hallways throughout the hotel. Darling. 

Then it was game time!  But not without a quick stop by Cameron Indoor.  May I just say that Allen Filedhouse is WAY more impressive. Cameron was like a little building in the middle of a bunch of other buildings. It doesn't have the presence like Allen Fieldhouse (sorry to all the Duke fans I just insulted).

A golf cart ride to the stadium since we were with VIP #85. Or because they were offering rides to everyone...

In the stadium. Notice the ominous rain clouds. They came out just long enough to have hair-ruining rain for 20 minutes. 
^^ Don't worry, a few more people showed up in the stands. More than the average KU football game, I would guess, but that's not saying much.

^^ Let's go hawks!

So the game wasn't looking so great for the Jayhawks. Time to take a lap around the concession stands...

First of all, has anyone seen so many varieties of condiments in such lovely and easy to dispense containers? I was legit impressed and walked completely around the table surveying each bucket o' sauce.

Settled on frozen lemonade (not pictured) and a funnel cake. Because apparently Duke football games are also the Kansas State Fair.

But Deacon just wanted us to eat his boiled peanuts (They're a southern thing that I think taste like literal garbage).

Beautiful halftime show honoring 9/11 victims. And the sun came out just in time!

KU lost 41 to 3. Yikes. Fun day though. And these two were happy to be back together.

Walked around the Duke Campus after the game. I loved the little quads of old stone buildings for all the different fraternities, sororities, and social clubs.

^^ Of course we found the Phi Delt house.
Deacon made us go "bench it", something they used to do when he was there. A rough translation of "benching it" is to sit on the bench near the bus stop and watch the girls get off the bus. (The girls used to live on East Campus, but now freshman live there. And you have to take a bus from East Campus to West Campus.)

The beautiful Duke Chapel. A wedding had either just concluded or was about to start. What a spectacular setting for a wedding!

Headed back to our hotel for some air conditioning. At this point we had been rained on and sat in direct sunlight for 2 hours. We were looking goooood. Ate a light dinner at The Bull Durham Bar in our hotel (where we say Doctor Travis Stork!) and called it an early night (remember, we woke up at 4am!). Great day at Duke!

Sunday morning we woke up and headed over to Chapel Hill to see the UNC campus. It reminded me a lot of KU's campus. And of course, we had to see The Old Well, which I thought was going to be about three times the size. 

Had our selves one helluva brunch at another famous and old Inn - The Carolina Inn. It was huge (the inn, not our brunch. Although brunch was pretty large too)! And it had the most darling interiors - bright colors and great patterns and fabrics. It was just so cheery. 
^^ The main entrance of The Carolina Inn, but it is WAY bigger than this. It is about three times as long as it is wide. P.S. Totally looks like the Theta House at KU.

After a huge brunch, we headed back over to Duke to walk around the Sarah P. Duke gardens. It was a much nicer day (no humidity and full sun), perfect for viewing the immaculate gardens. 

^^ Took a photo of the lily pond in honor of our Lily Girl.

Thanks for a fun weekend trip, Deacon and Retta! We love being able to spend time with you and visit new places. 

And just like that we were back in NYC. 

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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