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I'm cutting out early (again) this week to head up to the Catskills to meet my dad and step-mom for some good old-fashioned camping! Ever since our vacation in Napa and Jackson Hole, I've been craving to be around some nature again. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, and hanging out by the campfire. It sounds so idyllic no?  

While I'm away, leaving you with a boat load of finds. These are all the links I've saved over the past three weeks. You've got your work cut out for you...

I'm pretty certain Al has lost several hours to this

An interesting article I read while in San Francisco.

If we were staying in the city this weekend, we'd go to this.

Chrissy Tiegen's Piperlime Picks

My kind of 30 under 30.

And my kind of Top 10.

A fun quiz. I got Mediterranean (?)

This exists.

New favorite tumblr.

A new take on yoga. Now there's some serious balance! (I would totally injure myself doing this.)

Glad I found a guy who knows this.

Couldn't agree more. Comte for all!

Love the bold patterns and colors in this home.

10 things about my girl Emily Post (more EmPo inspiration here, here, here, and here).

Speaking of etiquette, YES to this.

So many Royals related things - This poor kid, this back flip, this cool Korean, this great article, and THIS cover.  You can bet that Al's head is basically exploding.

Enough baseball. LOOK AT THIS CORN! Making this ASAP.

Fascinating piece on Kim K.

I have a feeling this will become my latest lip obsession.


Whew! If that doesn't keep you busy while I'm camping then I don't know what will. Wish me luck! Off to the land of the s'mores!

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