weekend recap

Hi hi! How was your long weekend? Ours was fantastic. I just love three day weekends. I feel so much more refreshed and ready to take on the week. All thanks to that one extra day. Here are a few photos...

Unfortunately, Al knew he was going to have to work for a lot of the weekend. So we didn't do anything all that grand on Thursday, as I told him to just stay at the office and try and finish some stuff off his list. Standard old Wine Night for us, and we started watching Jerry Seinfeld's web show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Have you seen it? 

^^ Wine Night Dinner from the advanced copy of Dinner A Love Story's new book, Dinner: The Playbook. 1 pot, 1 pan, and 25 minutes. Easy peasy.

Friday it was POURING. Al worked while Lily helped hold the Apple TV remote. Meanwhile, I made omelettes for us because, well. Why not?

But! The rain cleared just in time for our 4th of July plans. We headed to a friend's apartment in Brooklyn with a spectacular view. Turned out to be a beautiful night.

^^ I spy Lady Liberty.

Fireworks time! Cameras out!

Saturday started with time at the park. "Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting wrabbits squirrels."

Since I'm usually the planner of our weekend activities (I know, you're shocked), Saturday was Al's choice. Al said if he had one free day with no work he would choose to "take a long walk, have a good lunch, a few beers, and just hang." So that is what we did. Walked down to White Horse Tavern and parked it for the afternoon. It was lovely to just sit and chat, people watch, and have some nice crisp beers along with our burgers. It was one of those really good New York days that you just can't have anywhere else. It makes me thankful that we can share this amazing city together. Wouldn't trade where we are or what we have for anything.

Sunday I headed out to the Mets game with friends, while Al stayed home to work. :( My first time at Citi Field! It was nice. Great food varieties (which is the main reason I go to baseball games, obvi). After two straight summers at Yankee Stadium, it felt good to be back watching a game with a beer and a dog/shake shack burger/quesadilla(?)/frozen lemonade. 

Came home in time to whip up an easy supper. Another one from Dinner: The Playbook. BBQ roasted chicken with homemade bbq sauce, some crispy potatoes, and a quick coleslaw. Perfect summer meal.  

And then...we crashed. In bed by 9:30. My kind of way to end three days of summer fun.

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful! Now time to adjust back to this whole five-day work week thing...

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