weekend recap

How was your weekend? We finally had that productive weekend I'd been trying to have for awhile now. Lots of stuff done before we had off on vacation on Thursday, but also plenty of fun (and food). Here are a few photos...

Friday night we celebrated my dear friend, Bekah's birthday. It's not a birthday party without a birthday cake! Such a nice evening sitting outside chatting with friends (and eating cake).

Saturday we were up early to take Lily to the vet. I swear, we're here all the time for the most random of things. This time, Lily Mayo had hives. She is now on a steroid, antibiotic, topical cream, and special shampoo. And we're out a few hundred dollars. Ah the joys of being a dog owner. Good thing we love her! Part of me thinks she wants to get sick so she can go to the vet. It's like social hour for her. All the receptionists know her and she walks in like she owns the place.

Oh! We also got the most beautiful flowers from our friends at Petal by Pedal. Gorgeous. I was kind of cranky on Friday, but this turned my mood around immediately. Really. I suddenly got a surge of positive energy and we made trips to the Goodwill, consignment store, grocery store, and did massive loads of laundry. It. was. awesome. I owe it all to PxP and their happy bouquet.

After all that productiveness, we opted for a causal evening. We strolled up to April Bloomfield's relatively new Mexican joint, Salvation Taco. We had hopes of going up to their amazing rooftop. But, it was kind of drizzling and the roof was full, so we opted to stay inside and eat. I wasn't mad about it. Look at this huge short rib! The meat was fork tender ready to shred some meat, slap it in a homemade corn tortilla, doctor it up with multiple salsas and inhale. Repeat five more times. Also ordered a round of empanadas because I get nervous only trying one dish from a menu. I was very satisfied and we called it an early night.

Sunday we finished the chores. Like getting the suitcases down - which is always results in multiple strings of profanity while we try to wedge a giant suitcase out of a very small, very high up, closet shelf. What can I say? New York apartment living brings out the best in all of us. And I washed my makeup brushes, which I've mentioned before, makes me feel like I am the best human ever. It's like the pinnacle of getting sh*t done. It's weird. But I feel awesome because of it. Don't try to explain it, just let me have my moment. 

And because all work and no play makes Kate a tired girl, Lily and I napped (and took selfies, obvi). 
^^ You can see where the vet had to shave a little spot around one of the "hot spots" from her hives. Poor girl. :( 

Supper was exactly as I mentioned on Friday. Thai corn and coconut soup served over sticky rice and topped with shrimp. We ate well this weekend.

All in all, a fairly uneventful, yet perfect weekend. Now wishing I could spend Monday doing something similar to this...

 Hope you had a restful and energizing weekend!
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