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Hello, hello! Remember when I declared this weekend a weekend of productivity?  Well, we had a strong start and a slow finish. Saturday was full of getting stuff done, but then Sunday I started feeling not too hot. I swear I'm the queen of summer colds. But we did get a few things checked off my to do list, and had a good time while doing it. Here are a few photos...

Let's back up clear to (early) Friday morning. My friend who works at Pure Wow asked if I'd like to be a model for a TV segment they were doing on Good Day New York. It sounded fun, so I agreed. And then freaked out when I realized I agreed to do LIVE television. But, it was all fine and was a really fun experience. You can see the full segment here.

I was at my desk by 10:30 on Friday and put in a full days work. Not quitting my day job yet! After work on Friday we took Mayo to the park, picked up some food, and attempted to watch a movie. I made it through about 20 minutes. I was beat from getting up at 5am! We watched an old movie, The Apartment. Anyone seen it? Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon. It was cute (I had to finish it on Sunday).
Pictures & Photos from The Apartment (1960)
Saturday was a good one. Al and Lil met me after spin for breakfast and sitting near the park people watching. I could just sit outside and watch people all day long. Al says I was made to loiter. And I got caught taking selfies with Lil. 

Two reminders to look up on our walk home. I find myself giggling sometimes thinking that we live smack in between these two iconic buildings. It's just so darn funny to me.

Back at home we decided to tackle Al's closet. He was finally sick of it enough to want to do something about it, so I leaped at the opportunity to purge some stuff. That pile is all the stuff we got rid of. So much to sell and donate! And, per usual, Lily was on hand to supervise/gnaw on every hanger in sight.

Then, unfortunately, Al was called in to work for basically the rest of the entire weekend so I said goodbye to him and I headed off to meet our friends Kyle and Jim to see their wedding space and help plan their wedding day. I'm their day-of-coordinator and I'm so excited! Wedding planning, timelines, and details come so naturally to me, so I love that I can help out friends with all of my weird organizational skills. And, I mean, I just didn't have enough side jobs going - blogger, model, wedding planner. ;) But really though, look at that view! The wedding is going to be spectacular not only because of the amazing venue but because they are two of the most fun people I have ever encountered.

And the fun wasn't over yet for Saturday. From one rooftop to the next. I headed to meet my friend Carrie for drinks. We checked out a new rooftop bar that apparently no one knows about it. It wasn't crowded at all and it was a beautiful night for it. We'll be back, for sure. Except, now I just told you about it, so I guess the secret is out.

Sunday, Al was at work all day (and night). :( So I did what any normal girl in the city would do - go to the spa, shop around Fifth Avenue, and meet friends for champagne. NOT. I took a theraflu-induced nap with my pooch and then got a ridiculous amount of Taco Bell to eat alone while watching Lifetime movies. Cue that song from the Oscars a few years ago "G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS". Such a posh life, I live.

In my defense, Sunday I did get off the couch long enough to write this blog post. It took me twice as long because I had a french bulldog head on my hand. So I guess you can say Lily authored this post too.

Hope you guys had a great weekend! I'm gonna go buy every cold medicine from Duane Reade and hope that I can kill this little bug/virus/allergies thing I have going. Cheers to a swift week!
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