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Wowie! What a fun weekend. One of Al's best friends from childhood, Matt, and his  wife - Matt and Michele - were in town and we did a ton in just a few short days! Matt had visited New York before, but this was Michele's first time. They did some touristy stuff on their own on Thursday and Friday so that by Saturday we could show them our version of New York. Lots of photos here, but we did so much!

Not technically the weekend, but to me it signifies the beginning - Thursday night I cooked at home. Matt and Michele requested to be a part of 'Wine Night' and that is exactly what we did. Ina's Penne with Five Cheeses did NOT disappoint. Such an easy recipe - stress free for company. Plus, I really believe anything looks nice in an individual gratin dish. I might start serving cereal out of them. 

We took them by the new The Nomad Bar for after dinner drinks. Watching the bartenders here is like watching a show. Or a chemist. Tiny little bottles with different syrups and flavors (flavors?). Fascinating. Go check it out. 

Friday Al and I headed to work while Matt and Michele did some more sight seeing (and food tasting at Katz's Deli and Doughnut Plant). We all rendezvoused for drinks in the beautiful golden light at Catch Roof. Then headed downstairs for dinner. The food at Catch was excellent. Service, on the other hand, was sub par (like whoa).

After dinner we popped around the West Village, ending our night at our favorite live music spot, Arthur's Tavern. We closed the place down (seriously). So much fun.

Saturday morning started with breakfast parfaits (berries, pound cake, Greek yogurt, honey) and lemon waters for all!

Gave a little walking tour of Chelsea and The Highline and ended up at The Frying Pan for lunch. A bit windy up there, but the weather was perfect for burgers, beers, and a view.
  ^^ Freedom Tower                            ^^New Jersey                                                                         ^^Is my hair okay?

Naps, showers, and a cab ride later and we were at a delicious steak dinner at Del Frsico's. The staff we had Friday at Catch needs to come here for lessons on customer service. Hands down one of my favorite steak places and not just for the food - the service is always top notch. You feel like a bad ass New Yorker here. And Matt got to blow out a birthday candle (one day early). 

Followed dinner with the hilarious The Book of Mormon. So inappropriate in a funny way. Lots of "did he just say that?!" moments. I've never seen Al laugh out loud so much at a show.

And more live music this night. This time at the always fun piano bar - Don't Tell Mama's. We got them to sing Happy Birthday (30th!) to Matt. They stopped the song they were singing right at midnight and the whole bar chimed in. So sweet. Oh, and Al and I sang screamed Wonder Wall to each other, because it's what we do. 

And Sunday! Can you believe we did all that ↑ in two days! Sunday was super relaxed. We took them to brunch at Friedman's followed by an afternoon strolling and lounging (and getting rained on) in Central Park.

You bet we took sweet Lily girl. We couldn't neglect her all weekend long! Seriously though, this bag from Love Thy Beast has changed our lives.

^^ Game of catch just like when they were little kids together. ☺

^^ Spotted - big bird on a break.

Sadly ↑ that's the only photo we took of the four of us all weekend. Womp. We love having visitors; it makes us appreciate and see this city in a whole new light. And we love spending quality time with old friends from back home. Thanks for coming Matt & Michele! Miss you guys already. 

P.S. This was all I could muster up for dinner after such an action packed weekend. In my defense, that's truffle salt. So I'm fancy-lazy.

P.P.S. Because she wasn't featured enough, here's Mayo's sweet face.

Hope you had a great weekend too!
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