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I found myself at Sephora the other evening gobbling up a ton of new products I had read about (and pinned).  I immediately went home and tried them all out and later, when Face Timing with my mom, she remarked at how nice my eye makeup looked. I started raving rambling about why the new products I got work so well and that's when I knew I had to tell y'all too. 

Here are five new buys I'm so glad I bought (which cannot be said for all late-night, hangry Sephora purchases). 

1 // Anastasia Brow Genius Kit - I've been growing my eyebrows out for the past month and it's been brutal, let me tell you. But now that I'm starting to get the fuller shape I want, I have some patches that need filling in. This kit has everything all in one little box. A pigmented waterproof gel and complimentary brush, plus a waterproof sealer to keep those pesky hairs in their place. Can't say enough great things about it. The brush especially makes applying the gel easy and gives a natural look. $24

2 // Benefit "They're Real!" Push-Up Liner - I've had my eye on this liner ever since it came out about a month ago. Testing it out in the store was the final selling point after reading such great things about it. I literally played with it for a good five minutes! The applicator tip is firm, but flexible, allowing it to slide nicely along your lash line. It's not a magic marker/pen like some liquid liners. It's a gel. It's like combining those tubs of gel eyeliner with the ease of a pen. I'm hooked. Oh, and did I mention it doesn't budge? $24

3 // BeautyBlender - I feel like I see this little egg-shaped sponge in every beauty blog and magazine. Before it, I applied my liquid foundation with a stippling brush, and while I still like the coverage the brush gives me, I was seeing brush marks around my nose and eyes. BeautyBlender to the rescue! It's pointed tip is perfect for smoothing out those hard to reach areas. I find I like using it best with my under eye concealer as keeps the make up on top of, and not in between, those little wrinkles. Okay, I see why this is written about everywhere. I'm a believer now. $20

4 // Benefit "They're Real!" Mascara - I'll be honest, I thought I wasn't going to like this mascara. But I was sold by what the packaging claims it would do - volumize, lengthen, curl, lift, and separate. And, always a sucker for a display, it was right next to the They're Real Push-Up Liner, so I thought I'd give it a try too. I'm usually not a fan of these spiky kind of brushes, but this one really does a good job of separating my lashes while still giving volume. My lashes do look better! See, this is why you should fall for in-store advertising people! $23

5 // OPI Nail Lacquer in "Privacy Please" - My new go-to neutral pink. It's pinker than most natural colors and less sheer. It's enough color to feel like it's worth getting a manicure (how annoying is when you pay $15 for a manicure that looks like you didn't get your nails painted?). I get a ton of compliments on it and it will definitely be on my digits all year round. Future brides - this color is perfect for your big day. $10

I always try to make these beauty posts short and then find myself writing long paragraphs about each product. But it is stuff you NEED to know! If I'm going to spend $23 dollars one a one beauty product, it better work. Right? I do it all for you guys. Rose Record tested and approved. Go forth and purchase!
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