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↑ Ha! But really though, how in the WORLD is it July 18? I feel like it should be oh, April something. But that means it'd still be rainy and cold here. So I guess I'll take July 18 even though I have no idea how we got here so quickly. But enough rambling! It's Friday! Woop! We have NO plans! None. After 4th of July and then visitors last weekend, we need a few days to catch up on life stuff. I already have a 25 point to do list for the weekend that includes everything from editing photos to cleaning out Al's closet to washing my makeup brushes. The sad part? I'm excited for it.  You know things have been hectic when you look forward to a to do list on a Saturday.

Wishing you a productive weekend. My favorite finds from the web this week are below. ↓


Interesting read:  the rise of Instagram.

Cute swim suit alert (and finally, a reasonable price!) - fun fact. I ordered this. And accidentally shipped it to my mother's house...in Kansas.

My first reaction when I saw this -"ohhhhh yeah!". Yes, I ogle could soup.

Because I'm still not over Frozen (and probably never will be).

I cried at this commercial. For real. Well done, Nike. 

Oh la la, Birch Box has a shop and it's real pretty.

Got my first fall jitters from seeing this.

Well this sucks.

I want to get this (seriously) after reading this. Awful! "People who engage in an hour of moderate-intensity exercise –running is considered vigorous exercise–fare much worse. They lose 16 percent of their workout gain from each hour of sitting."

Leighton Meester's spot-on op ed. You go Blair Leighton!

So true. Especially #9 and #10 for us.

Al sent this to me. I can't imagine why ;)  (but really, do you wanna get a flatbread?). 



Have a good one loves!

P.S.  I spent the morning helping out my friends at PureWow shoot a segment about white jeans for Good Day New York. Check it out here. So much fun! And go check out PureWow's 30 ways to wear white jeans for more styling tips. 

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