weekend recap

Hello! How was the weekend? Ours was really, really great. Looking back on it, it might be one of my favorite weekends in a long time. It just made me feel good, if that makes any sense. Here are a few photos...

Friday we headed to the New York Philharmonic to see Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto. It was a beautiful night and the show was spectacular.  The first portion was a triple concerto with Bronfman on piano, Carter Brey on cello, and Glenn Dicterow on violin. It was so neat to see the three of them play together all making eye contact at certain moments as a way to communicate to each other. Also cool because it was one of Directerow's final concerts; he's retiring from the philharmonic after 34 years.  The final performance was Bonfman alone performing with the symphony. My goodness that man is talented. We had great seats and could see his facial expressions. He played with such passion; it was really awesome to watch. 

^^ A beautiful and buzzing Lincoln Center. 
^^ You can see Bronfman behind the piano taking in his applause.

Meandered our way to Sushi Damo for late night dinner and drinks. Think we like avocado on our rolls?

Post symphony and sushi selfie. I had to. It's one of my favorite dresses.

Saturday started at the dog park. We like going to the West Chelsea Water Park when it's hot so we can splash Lily in the pools to cool her down. She seems to like the water more and more, but she'd never get in on her own, even when her friends jump on in.

^^ See, jumped right out after we put her in. Little rabbit.
Later we met friends on the Lobster Boat! What a fun experience. No ticket needed, no reservations, just go (wait in a little line) and then board the boat to order beers, wine, and lobster rolls from the bar. Every three hours, it goes on a little 30 minute cruise around the Hudson. Beautiful evening with friends. Just make sure to not leave your phone plugged in behind the bar and then sprint back two avenues to retrieve it before the boat took off for another cruise. Wups!

Proof that Al and I are horrible at taking photos together. #fail

Finally got a decent one. Only took 65 tries. I'll forgive his disdain for taking photos since he's so cute.

Also, happy PRIDE!

Sunday these two would NOT get out of bed.

It was fine, though. I unloaded the groceries and prepped for the week. Does anyone else hate washing and drying greens as much as me? More on my meal prep to come this week - a fun little project I'm a part of for Dinner A Love Story's new book.

Up on the sun deck all by myself. This is a huge win for urban tanning in a high rise building. 

All those yummy veggies I prepped made for a delicious supper. Grilled Thai Steak Salad. So fresh. The first of 30 (yes 30!!) recipes I'll be cooking this month from Dinner The Playbook.

And that about wraps it up. A feel-good, New York weekend. Here's to a short week and the 4th of July holiday! Woop! Lily's excited about it!

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