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Annnnnnd we're back. Oh hello, Monday. I didn't miss you one bit. Too make up for it, we packed in as much fun into our weekend as possible. Enough to get us through this five day work week.  Here's a recap via photos...

Friday night we went on a long walk and grabbed some take out. We were about ten minutes too early to witness Manhattanhenge. I wasn't about to wait for it though, I was hangry.

Saturday morning we switched things up and walked north, rather than south along the Hudson. Beautiful views and walking paths. 

Stopped at Pier i Cafe for lunch. Great location right on the water. French fries for the frenchie.

Al stopped to relive his glory days.

And we walked all the way home through a few sun showers and Times Square. Remind me to never go there again. So many people shuffling around with no clue where they're going. It's fine to go see Times Square, I guess. But to attempt to walk through it? Not so much.

We ended up walking over four and a half miles! Lily was out for the night after that, so Al and I cleaned up and went out for an early dinner to one of our favorite spots, Osteria Morini. They had a white negroni - a negroni bianco - on the menu. Delish and a nice lighter take on the classic. Perfect for summer. (Side note: I'm all about the silk pants this summer. It's like wearing jammies in public! Mine are this pair). 

After dinner, we met up with my girlfriends for a few drinks. Love these gals so much. (Should we be alarmed that my arms can stretch the length of two people? #stretcharmstrong)

^^ this is what happens when you don't use a flash and try to lighten it after the fact.
Sunday started with some serious snugs...

...followed by a trip to the spa. I try to get in for a triple oxygen facial at Bliss twice a year. It makes my skin glow. I feel like I look fresher and less tired. Highly recommend.

The rest of Sunday was comprised of chores, errands, a trip to the park, and cooking up a yummy supper of turkey burgers with smoky aioli, caprese orzo salad, and roasted sweet potatoes. We had enough food for at least six people. I guess Al knows what he'll be taking for lunch this week!

Who says turkey burgers can't be delicious?

Made a Lily-sized patty for our child. To me, this is normal. Al seemed to think it a bit insane.

And to round out the feasting, some Tate's + Talenti sandwiches (just like these, but used Talenti Gelato instead). Two of my favorites merged into one perfect creation.

Amazing weekend with my little family. Oh and just for kicks - this is how we sleep. Al took this in the middle of the night when he couldn't sleep. Lily thinks she's human.

Hope you had a great weekend, too! Here's to surviving this week!

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