most-used kitchen tools

most-used kitchen tools

Whenever my friends ask advice about registering for kitchen items, I always mention these five tools. They're kind of like my little secret weapons. I'm all, "Sure you want the Calphalon pans, but have you heard about this knife sharpener!? I mean, it's the best." I find myself using these gadgets over and over again, some of them daily! They might be cheap and seem under-whelming, but let me tell you, they will make your life in the kitchen very easy. Bonus points for not just being affordable, but small enough to tuck into a drawer. 

{1} Flex Edge Beater - The beater that came with my stand mixer was just not cutting it. It left a ton of unmixed batter at the bottom of the bowl. There are now several types of beaters out that have a rubber edge that scrapes the bowl and are coated in enamel for long wear (and dishwasher safe!). Tip: Check your stand mixer model before purchasing. 

{2} Mini Whisk - I buy these for just about every wedding gift. I tie them in with the ribbon after I wrap the present, not only because it looks cute, but also because it is so useful! If you're just scrambling a few eggs in a measuring cup, or want to quickly foam up some milk, this is the best! Perfect for those small but frequent jobs.

{3} Citrus Squeezer - Let no lemon seed get in your lemon juice again! You don't need some massive piece of equipment to get the most juice from your citrus. Cut your lemon/lime/orange in half, stick in in this gadget and press down. Tons of juice; no seeds or pulp. Just what you needed for your hot water with lemon routine.

{4} Garlic Press - I hate mincing garlic. It sticks to my knife, gets my cutting board and hands all smelly, and generally just annoys me. Not a problem with this garlic press. Place your clove in it, flip the handle over and watch the garlic get perfectly minced and fall right into your dish. Easy! Tip: It's worth the extra few bucks for a metal version. You need that extra heft from the metal. Plastic won't cut it here.

{5} Knife Sharpener - Put down that huge metal stick thing and carving stone. They are not needed (and not safe!).  This guy is all you'll ever need to keep your knives in tip top shape. It's cheap. It's fool proof. It has a hand guard. Need I say more? I've had mine for five years and it still works wonders. I'll never use anything else. Tip: Rinse your knife after sharpening to prevent sharp metal flecks in your food.

Now run, don't walk to your nearest Amazon store. Er... you know what I mean. Add these five tools to your cart/registry/wish list right now. You can thank me later.

P.S. These would also make great stocking stuffers for all you crazy people who are already thinking about Christmas shopping.

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