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Happy Friday! We have a fun weekend planned that includes, but is not limited to the symphony, lobsters, friends, and sunshine. And I just realized yesterday that our 6 year New York-iversary is Sunday. It feels like just yesterday we were unloading our U-Haul up in Morningside Heights. We were going to do something special to celebrate, but then our (g-chat) conversation went something like this:

         Me:   I just realized our 6 year NYC anniversary is Sunday.
         Al:     Oh wow. What should we do to celebrate?
         Me:   I dunno. Have our standard Sunday? They're the best anyways.
         Al:     True. Nothing better.

So we'll be celebrating with a walk to the park, an afternoon nap, and a home cooked meal. Perfection.

Wishing you an idyllic summer weekend.  Here's what I'm loving from the web this week :::


A lesson from the French in the perfect summer meal.

Most of these have happened to us since moving here 6 years ago.

Neat! We should go see this.

Two good letters - one and two.

Floridian retirement activity meets Brooklyn hipsters.

Hello lover. Yes, I talk dirty to pretty pantries.

Another cute swimsuit.

I'm currently reading this.  Al's currently reading this.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of French Laundry with lessons learned. I didn't realize how many famous chefs have previously worked in that kitchen!

Coffee. The ultimate accessory for men? This is so true. I know some very intense coffee connoisseurs. 

Saved the best for last. Because this is definitely the best.


Happy weekend!

P.S.  Did you miss my roundup of favorite restaurants in our neighborhood?

{image © Tyler Wirken - from our NYC engagement photos circa 2010}
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