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1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 - A great hand-drawn design by Jill Ng.

Hello! We're off work a day early and en route to Omaha for my one of my best friend's weddings. I just love weddings don't you? All the love and celebration. It just makes my heart feel like it's going to explode (in a good way). I cannot wait to watch these two spectacular people tie the knot on Saturday. Cheers to Cassi & Michael!

While I'm away an extra day, enjoy an extra dose of finds from around the web...


While we're talking love and weddings, I had that image up there^ printed and framed as a shower gift. Find it here. One of my favorite verses.

Also on the wedding front, these gold foil invites are to die for.

An ode to the Paris Bistro (along with what might be a knock against Americans, but oh well).

Where was this 'design your own lamp' thing when I was looking for the perfect lamp that didn't exist two years ago? 

Let's talk hair (again). The best highlights of the season. And a new way to get waves for your lob.

What the heck is T.Swift doing with my fairy godmother, Ina? Back away bad bangs. BACK. AWAY. (But really, this truly did anger me. That's so mean of me. I'm T.Swift is lovely, but still. I'm rage-y.)

BTW, my Game of Thrones name is "Kate The Ghost Rose - Lover of Giants". Obvi I picked Direwolf as my favorite weapon. And I do love giants (Al is tall).

Father of the Bride Part 3! I hope Fraank the wedding planner comes back for this one.

Loved this. Love them.

Jon Hamm as a young jock. Yep. You bet that's a favorite find.

This is me on the internet to a T. Let's all try out Tabless Thursdays next week, k?


Have a great weekend my loves!

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