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Happy Monday Tuesday! How was everyone's long weekend? Ours was top notch. Feeling rested and recharged. I seriously think all weekends should be three days. I feel so much better having that one extra day. Enough of me on my soap box.  On to the photos...

Friday night our friend Scott arrived from Dallas and Al organized a fun group dinner with our friends at Back Forty. Such a cozy and comfortable spot and the staff was super attentive and the food was great (and we had a TON!).  Note to self: use them again for future large parties/ birthday dinners.  Also, they serve donuts for dessert.

Saturday morning started with Lily waking up SUPER early. Like 6am. I don't know what got in to her, she usually sleeps until 10. Maybe she was mad we were out late (we stopped by The Roost for drinks after dinner). So our morning walk took place in the early hours which wasn't that bad - there was good light and lots of puddles to jump.

And, like a the good dog she is, she went happily went back to bed.

Saturday brunch at Freemans (not to be confused with our go-to, Friedman's). These skillet eggs - with goat cheese, spinach, and bacon - must be recreated at home stat.

Followed by several hours at The Standard Biergarten. It was one of those rare occasions where we actually got a table so we stayed put for the rest of the day, chatting, and playing Cards Against Humanity. Not a bad rainy Saturday afternoon.

Saturday dinner was at another one of my favorite spots - Malaparte.  Delicious Italian in the West Village in another cozy setting. (Single people - take a date here. It's perfect for a date.)
(I cheated. This photo is from when we first went to Malaparte last August.)

Sunday the guys golfed while Lily and I met my friends, Susan and Bekah, and their dogs in Central Park for a day of laying in the grass. I'd been having this weird craving to lay on a blanket in the grass. Finally did it. It was magnificent. Lil was down with it too.

Oh, and for those of you wondering from last week. Yes, Al used his new Lily golf club cover on the course.

This would also be a good time to let you know my Birkenstocks finally arrived. I'm obsessed with them. Al thinks they look like geriatric shoes, but what does he know. Equally as obsessed with hot pink peonies and white dahlias. Officially ready for summer.

After our day in the sun, we kept it low key on Sunday night. Pizza and the new HBO movie, The Normal Heart. Lily was okay with our decision to stay in.

Saturday, after a failed attempt at spin class (the classic "I was running late and there was a street fair on 6th Avenue" excuse), we ran a few errands and sat in the park before it got too hot for Little Miss I-Can't-Regulate-My-Own-Body-Heat. She was still dramatic once we got home though. She couldn't make it out of the entry way.

Lily slept, Al worked, and I went to work on my tan on our building's sun deck.

^^ Little different than your normal beach/pool/lake view, right?

Supper was amazing ribs and slaw from David Lebovitz's new book and my family's baked beans. Memorial Day barbecue apartment style. It's days like that when I long most for a back yard.

A little laundry folding in between dinner and dessert. She is really helpful.

And it's not a summer holiday without a little fruit crisp. Nectarines and peaches this time. And ice cream. Lots of ice cream.

Really, really good weekend. Ready for this four day work week and then more summer fun! Hope you had an awesome holiday weekend, too.


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