weekend recap

Hi hi! How was your weekend? We had a stellar time with my mom. It was so nice to have her around for our normal weekend activities. I always seem to get the most envious of my sister whenever she and mom are just doing normal things. And this time I was able to take mom along for our standard weekend - Friday at home, Saturday dog run, a fun dinner out, and some errands. (It's weird how a trip to Duane Reade is that much more exciting when you go with your fellow product-loving mother.) Walks, talks, and plenty of Lily time. Here are a few photos...

All set Thursday night with mom's favorite things - M&Ms, her favorite red wine, and thin crust pizza!

Mom brought a early birthday present for Al. A golf club cover she ordered from Etsy (this shop) and had made to look just like Lily! And for the record, Al is 100% going to use this on the golf course. It was not a gag gift. We genuinely like these sorts of things. We're those dog people, I know. (Al had to restrain Lily for our photo op - she thought it was a chew toy.)

Al and I headed to work on Friday while Mom and Lily hunkered down at home. We all met up in the evening to take mom to our go-to Friday night place - Friedman's! She agrees with us - great menu, friendly staff, and so convenient for us. Al asked what we were going to do after dinner and mom and I gave each other a look and responded with "duh, go put on our jammies and watch the Barbara Walters Special." Like, what else were we going to do? Was there any other option? (No. There was not.) 

Saturday morning started with me showing mom the amazing yoga class and yoga studio I attend. <Sarcasam> We did my favorite Bethenny Yoga DVD on the apartment floor like normal people.

Quick breakfast of my secret weapon pastries and fruit. And peonies because they remind us of Grandma.

And then a long family walk along the water. The weather was spectacular. I think we were out for close to three hours!

A morning of exercise and outdoors, followed by an afternoon of shopping. We're really good at Saturdays. We had to stop and take a hat selfie for my sister - she gets really slap happy when we shop together and tries on all the hats. (Side note- I think I need to back and get that hat!)

Tried a new restaurant for dinner on Saturday night - the cute and neighborhood-y spot, Little Prince in SoHo. 

The food was great (aside from one really intense, burning tequila cocktail). How pretty is my ratatouille with egg? Would be such an easy dish to recreate at home.

Wine, good food, and great conversation. Just how I like it. Love my mama so much.

Sunday started with "homework". That's what we call it when our catalogs and magazines build up into huge towering stacks. We made a pretty good dent. Lily helped too.

Then we went back to Friedman's for brunch this time. Visiting the same restaurant twice is becoming a thing we do when mom visits.

Sunday afternoon we wandered our neighborhood, stopping at the park and a few more stores. Lily isn't as in to the shopping as we are. I guess she was right though, we did need to spend time outdoors in the beautiful spring temps.

Inspired by our "homework", we decided to cook a healthy dinner based off of this recipe. Delish! Adding to my make-again mental file. It is the perfect warm-weather supper.

And some final Lily snugs before Mom headed home early Monday morning. It was a quick trip, but much needed! I think I'll be able to hold out now until September when we'll see each other again. Miss you already mom! Thanks for a great time. 

Hope you had a happy weekend!

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