weekend recap

Why hello. Did you miss me?  In case you missed it on instagram, I was sick with a stomach bug for most of the weekend. It was a blast. And by blast I mean the worst. I haven't been that sick since I was, I don't know, maybe 10?  Apparently there is a nasty stomach virus going around NYC, so be ware! And wash your hands people!  This is not the swimsuit-ready diet route you want to take!

It started Thursday night (well, technically Friday morning), and I was up every 20 minutes vomiting (TMI. Sorry). I thought I was fine by around 9:30am, but then I started getting awful chest pains and shaking and it felt like my heart was going to explode. Chest pains = freaky. So I headed to an Urgent Care Center (omg, that cab ride was perhaps the bravest thing I've ever done) where they told me I was so severely dehydrated that my body was reacting like that basically as an alarm to get some fluids! An IV, some anti nausea medicine, and two bags of fluids later, and I was feeling a little better. At least I no longer thought I was having a heart attack. 
The doctor was shocked at how fast I took down my first bag of fluid. When he came back after the second one was hooked up he asked how I was doing and I made him laugh by saying I was, "crushing it".  He hollered down to the nurses that I was, "crushing bags of fluid" and they all started laughing. See, even on a hospital bed, I can still be a smart ass!

Anyway, after a moderately safer-feeling cab ride home, Al came home from work early to be my nurse. Some Gatorade and chicken noodle soup and I then was out until Saturday morning.

I'm not exaggerating one bit, this little sweet pup of mine was by my side the entire time. I think it was a record even for her to sleep from 6pm to 10am! Dogs just know, you know?

Saturday was more rest. My stomach muscles where quite sore, as you could imagine, so we just lay around, me and Lily girl. First in bed... 

...then on the couch...

...and then feeling better in the evening, sitting up to watch some movies with Al. 

Thanks to Al for basically giving up his weekend to keep my company.  Love you!  Sunday I was feeling better, but Lily was still on the look out.  They say a dog sleeps in a place as high as she thinks she ranks in power. So clearly she thinks knows shes in charge of our pack.

And then...wait for it...I WENT OUTSIDE! Walking a little slower than normal because of my sore core, but we made it to the water and leisurely strolled for a good two hours. Taking breaks for snacks and running (for Lily) at the dog park.

^^ Big moment. I ate that croissant!

Lily really wanted to go up on the HighLine. She was pretty ticked that they don't allow dogs. 

I was feeling so much better after some fresh air and stretching out. Took it easy the rest of the afternoon though, but did manage to pop a chicken and potatoes into the oven for Al to eat for supper. It's this recipe and it's my favorite and is so good that I even ate some myself. 

Early to bed in hopes of feeling even better and stronger on Monday.  Sorry for a really shotty Weekend Recap. But, you can't really be that mad about tons of pics of Lil snugging, can you? 

Hope you had an exponentially better weekend than me. ☺

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