new look

Notice anything new? No, I didn't get my haircut again. (That's always Al's first guess when I ask that question.) It's better than a haircut. It's a fresh new look for The Rose Record.

If you're reading on a feeder, click on over and take a look at the pretty new space.

The new look is courtesy of the talented (and very patient), Kelly Brito from Pink + Lola. Kelly took one tiny inspiration photo (and my many comments) and crafted it into what you see here. I love the new look. I wanted something that was cleaner, brighter, and a little New York-y. And I think we achieved that. 

My starting point was this photo.

And Kelly turned it into this inspiration board.

Which became this new site! I love the black and white with just pops of red (my favorite color).  And the lay out is much more simple. 

Over on the right hand menu bar you have a wide variety of tools to help you navigate. A drop down archive bar, a search bar, and categories. Don't forget to click the social media icons to follow me on twitter, instagram, and facebook.

Up there by the header you can see I now have pages to take you to some of the categories most commonly written about.

And don't forget to read the new about page for more about me, why I curate The Rose Record, as well as some tidbits about Al and Lily.

What do you think?  You like?  Are there any helpful tools/widgets you'd like me to add to the right hand menu bar?

I think this new look is just the sort of thing I needed to recharge and keep me from neglecting this hobby of mine. Look for some new great posts - tons of fun ideas for content this summer!  Anything you all are dying to know or want me to write about? Let me know in the comments.
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