focus what? process what?


Race home from work - an hour later than I told myself I'd leave. Remember half way on my way to the subway that I need to pick up flowers so the blooms will be open in two days when we have people over. Go back up to ground level, grab the last five stems of peonies and head to the train. Just miss my train by two seconds. Allow myself to enjoy the time standing on the platform reading. 20 minutes later, I'm at home. Take Lily out for a walk, change clothes, make bed (if I didn't make it in the morning I have to make it before I get in it), start dinner. As dinner cooks, take out my computer and start working on writing and my blogging "to do list". More like "WANT to do list".  Just as inspiration hits, dinner is ready. Al comes home, we eat, do dishes and then the distractions really set in.  

I sit down with my computer to write. But first, I think, let me add the ingredients for that recipe I want to cook on Sunday to my Fresh Direct cart. As I locate recipe, I get distracted on pinterest which leads to me to old recipes from Food & Wine I forgot I pinned. Make a note to look at them this weekend when I do the final week's menu plan. Decide to email myself the recipes to make sure I don't forget. Notice two new emails on my iphone (the recipes I just sent myself, duh). Also see that Piperlime Sale email I saved from earlier. Browse Piperlime for half an hour and decide that I could be a Birkenstock girl (again). But still unsure about the mules. Decide to start a polyvore for the finds I like on Piperlime. Clip three images, but then get distracted with some Bravo reunion show. Realize I'm wasting my life on Bravo and go back to the post I was originally inspired to write. Realize I never edited photos for accompanying post so decide to forgo it and just do the Piperlime bit. Then decide there's more to me than clothes, so reconsider going back to writing something thoughtful. Take a break to take Lily out. 

Realize it's now 10 o'clock. Check my work email. Start thinking about what I have to get done first at work the next day. Remember I have a work event the following evening. Ponder what to wear tomorrow to work. Need to find something that won't be too wrinkled by end of day for the work event. Write down on my drug store list to get more wrinkle release spray. Check instagram. See other blogger's adorable photos and posts from the day. Remember I'm supposed to be writing. Go back to the Piperlime post, since it's late and I have to finish SOMETHING for tomorrow. Start falling asleep on couch. Al wakes me up to go to bed. Head hits the pillow while thinking all at once about work, The Rose Record, eating, clothes, Lily, Al, and whatever miscellaneous thing we need to remember to do tomorrow, and promising myself to get up and work out in the morning.


^^ I'd say I have a bit of a focus problem. Topped with a little time management issue. And a sprinkling of lack of process. I'm still trying to work out a schedule that allows me to write and do all the things I want to do in this little space of mine. I'm almost done finalizing a few exciting changes that I think will help me reengage, refocus, and feel inspired again. Sometimes I feel like when I do have free time, I'm too tired to think. And when I do feel that rush of inspiration, I'm too busy to do anything with it. What I really need is four more hours in the day. Wouldn't that be nice?

Thanks for coming back every day even though some days all I've got for you is a movie trailer. But when I do write really thoughtful posts, or put together a gift guide I've been researching for weeks, or share a recipe I created, it feels good. It makes me feel more connected to me, if that makes any sense. I know I just need to carve out a time to sit without any distractions. Now I just need to put that into play. I like this little world I've created for you (and for me). Now I've just got to keep the fire alive!

I'd love to know, how do you stay inspired? Other blogging buddies, when do you find time to write? Is anyone lacking process as badly as me? Please tell me I'm not alone.


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