weekend recap

And just like that the weekend is over. How was yours? Ours was perfect. I wasn't as productive as I hoped to be yesterday, but some days you just need to be a little lazy, right? Here are a few photos...

Friday night we had dinner at Friedman's. We hadn't been in quite some time. It was good to be back. Afterwards we watched The Book Thief. My sister recommend it and she was right - it was very very good. Although, it would have given me bad dreams (I have a low threshold for movies that scare me), so I made Al watch Frozen with me. ☺
(Confession - this photo is actually from last weekend. I've watched Frozen roughly 10 times since.)

Saturday morning I was up and around making some treats to take to brunch with my girlfriends. The other two members of my family were not as gung-ho. After a walk around the block, they stetted in for a nice Saturday nap. 
^^ My new favorite photo.

Gathered with the girls for our SIXTH annual springtime/Easter brunch. Crazy we've been doing this that long. It's so nice to know that twice a year we all make time to get together and catch up, eat yummy food, and spend time together. Love you girls!

Speaking of food, please observe my friend Bekah's genius. This was extremely tasty. I'm going to sprinkle Cool Ranch Doritos on everything now!

Some fun with my fellow lob (long bob) ladies. In the past few months, the three of us have all cut our hair short. I mean, here's your Pinterest inspiration photo right here, people. 

Annnd midnight Dominoes back at home with Al. That Dominoes app is trouble I tell you. Wayyyy too convenient. 

Sunday started productively. I've decided to do my seasonal closet switch in two stages this time. Stage 1: purge. Stage 2 (to take place next weekend): swap winter for summer. Took several bags to consign and several more to donate. Lily supervised the entire thing. Couldn't have done it with out her.

And then, we napped. Because it's what we do on Sundays. 

For supper we headed to Momofuku Ssam Bar for the bo ssam dinner. The dinner was set up for our friend, Matt's birthday. But we had an additional reason to celebrate - Matt and his girlfriend Megan got engaged! Such a fun night. And check out our dinner. That is one giant pork shoulder. So good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

And we had to get a birthday cake from Milk Bar after dinner. It was a really healthy few hours. ;) 

While the rest of the group watched Game of Thrones Season 4 premier, Al and I headed home and started season 1. I've known we've been missing out on the Game of Thrones bandwagon for sometime. High time we started it. Because we want to fit in.
^^ Notice anyone special in there?

Here's to an easy week!

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