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Happy Monday! Er, Tuesday. I was too busy live tweeting the Oscars on Sunday night to tee up a weekend recap post. How was your weekend? Ours was really great. Now that it's a few days behind me, I don't recall doing anything all that spectacular, it was just one of those easy, low-key, feel-good weekends. Here are a few photos...

Friday night I was brain-dead from a whirl wind Friday at work. It was Chinese food and a movie bed for me. Question for you - when and why did they stop putting Chinese food in those cute little cartons? The plastic tubs are not nearly as charming. And isn't all that condensation bad for the food? Deep thoughts today guys. Real deep.

After a restful twelve hour slumber, I was off to spin class and then the farmers market. Al doesn't see the point me going all the way to 13th street for spin. I'm convinced it's mostly so that I can meander through the farmers market on the way home. Buying carrots, leeks...

...and a six pack of apple cider donuts. See, in my brain it's spin class = donuts. I think my reward slightly undermines my work.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing normal chores stuff. Oh, and crying big pillow-soaking tears while finishing this book. After a few hours of lounging (and crying) we were getting a little cabin fever. We decided to head down and try the famous Bistro Burger at Corner Bistro before watching the KU game with friends. It was delicious. And very tall. How had I never been before? (Al had gone with friends once, he said). While the burger, in my opinion, was good, it does not compare to my precious Shake Shack. But it was good. And cheap. We'll be back.

Bonus points for having McSorley Light and Dark Ales on tap. The dark is my favorite. Don't know what McSorley's is? Read this.

Not even going to comment about that KU game. Not gonna do it.

Sunday started my favorite way - I wake up early, make a cup of coffee, and get back in bed to read and snugs. We stayed like that for a couple hours. It, to me, is one of the ultimate self-indulgences.

The rest of the day was spent on blog work and life work - editing photos, booking some flights for upcoming trips, ordering custom pillows (from my friend Bobbi's Etsy shop - yay!)

And then, at the ripe hour of 4pm, we turned it to The Oscars Red Carpet Coverage. It's like my Super Bowl combined with The Masters combined with March Madness combined with Opening Day. If Al even glanced at the remote I spazzed out thinking he'd switch it to golf and I'd miss something. (Like what if I missed Guilana and team's game of Celebrity? How would I go on?!). 

And, to celebrate the momentous day, I tried my hand at the rumored best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And then, I tweeted...

...while also frying homemade chicken strips. The ultimate multitasker!

What a great night for Hollywood. There really wasn't a look I didn't like. My favorites below.
Lupita Nyong'o in Prada.  Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture.  Kate Hudson in Versace.
Lil and me tweeting away. My one-handed typing skills are out of this world. 

The show was a little dull in the middle, but the pizza and selfie helped. I can't stop looking Ellen's selfie. It makes me so happy.

And! I got second in our Oscars pool at work!  What a great way to end the weekend.

Hope you had just as much fun with your weekend. And just think, it's already Tuesday!

P.S. This version of the selfie is my second favorite. That Frank Underwood. So sneaky.
{Oscars dress photos via Instyle.com}

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