weekend recap

Oh hello. How was the weekend? I'm not going to lie, I did enjoy my time at home alone. But  I'm very happy now that Al is home from his trip and the three of us (Lily included, duh) are back together. I'm pretty much a hermit when left to my own devices. Outside of Friday night out with friends, I never left the apartment! Here are a few photos...

Friday night after dinner at one of my favorite Mexican places - La Palapa, a group of us saw Bayside The Musical. It's essentially a satire about Saved By The Bell. A raunchy satire. Really raunchy. And a little too long. But it had its funny parts and captured so many of the plot lines and characters from the original TV show. Dustin Diamond (the actor who played Screech in the TV show for you unfamiliar with the brilliance that is SBTB) made a few (random and weird) guest appearances on stage, so it was neat to see him. Overall, I'd say go see it - but have a few drinks before. And don't take your parents or your 10 year old cousin or anything.

And Saturday began my two days of me-time. Writing, napping, and watching innumerable amounts of Good Eats and Young And The Restless. I'm thankful the weather cooperated with my hibernation plans -rain all weekend meant I didn't feel the least bit guilty about not leaving the house.
^^ Best desktop background ever. And pretty flowers from our friends at Petal by Pedal!
While productive, Saturday also had its indulgences. Like a delivery breakfast sandwich and tots from Melt Shop...

...and a nice long nap. I should be a professional napper. Napping is one of my better skills.

Don't worry. I wasn't completely without human interaction on Saturday. My friend Tiffany from work came over for a Ina Night! What's Ina Night you ask? Well, it's where we cook a bunch of Barefoot Contessa recipes while drinking cocktails, and saying things that Ina says. "How easy was that?!" "Only use good vanilla." "I find that coffee brings out the flavor of chocolate". We had a blast. Can't wait to cook again together. And thanks to Tiff for the two new additions to my Barefoot Cookbook collection!

The final products. Slight adaptations were made by us on some. Recipes to follow here in the coming days/weeks.

Sunday we had such great light in the apartment for the first time all weekend. So, of course, I took a bunch of photos of things. Like my breakfast...

...and my coffee table. Totally normal things to do when home alone, right?
^^Tulips looking strong thanks to The Penny Trick! 
Then we sat in the silence looking at the light. Seriously. A good 20 minutes just sitting and sipping coffee. Try it out. It is so calming to not move or think. I think this might be on the verge of meditation, except I have a bulldog on my lap and a coffee mug with Nixon's face on it. As close to a zen state as I'm ever going to get.

Al arrived back home from what seemed to be a successful bachelor party in Austin. Look who needed a Sunday nap this time...

And then, like the true 80-year old souls that we are, we ate supper, watched 60 Minutes and went to bed at 8:30. No joke.

And now, we have only one thing on our minds. Tonight's series finale of How I Met Your Mother. So many mixed emotions. Seriously. We love that show so much.

Have a good week! 
Tomorrow is April. Crazy.

{images by me. HIMYM photo from cbs.com}
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