weekend recap

Oh hi! How was your weekend? We had one of those really good weekends where it's the perfect balance of time together, time with friends, and time at home. I'd like to recreate it right this second. Here are a few photos...

Friday night we met friends for dinner and drinks at MoMo.  Such a charming little spot and was nice to catch up with everyone.
<image source>
Saturday morning was spent at the salon. It's one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning, actually. My salon is in the cutest spot and I love sitting still for a few hours, reading, chatting, and getting styled. Nothing too drastic this time, just a trim and a little reshaping. And some fresh highlights for spring. Annnd I'm that person who takes selfies in my friends' bathrooms. (Outfit look familiar?)

That'd be our friends' Kara and Kate's beautiful bathroom in their beautiful apartment. We stopped by their "Pancakes and Pimm's" party in the afternoon. Look at their little puppy, Chewy being adorable.

Sauntered around the village afterwards with Al. Beautiful blue sky day.

Look at those crazy vines!

And then, story of my life, I got hungry. Popped in to Morandi for their delicious focaccia egg sandwich.

Went home to rest up and clean up for our date. Does anyone else love doing your hair after just getting it cut? It's so fun to go home and play around with it. Curled and ready for our date. Hey-o.

I told Al we were going to Cafe Select for dinner. What I didn't tell him is that we were going to the 'secret' fondue restaurant in the back. He was a little shocked when the host took us through the kitchen and down some stairs into the tiny space. Had a long, leisurely dinner. One thing I love about dating Al (yes, we still 'date' even though we're married), is that we never run out of things to say.
^^ the little secret space.
^^ obvi I took a fondue photo (a bad one at that). And side glimpse of Al in his cute cardigan. :) 
Sunday was for chores, a VERY cold walk outside, and a sweet treat for our sweet Lily.

Oh, and duh. We napped.
^^ Not actually strangling her. Just holding real tight.
And then a much overdue bath for our stinky girl. I hope I have as much fun with bath time when I have human children as I do with Lily. She's so funny. First she runs away. Then she relaxes in the water. And then she spazzes out after. (Remember?). Is it sad that the highlight of my Sunday was bathing my dog?

Supper was this delicious recipe from Bon Appetit. Poached cod in a savory and spicy broth of tomatoes, garlic, white wine, and saffron. And lots of bread for sopping.

And finally baked off the last of my cookie dough. Two hot cookies for dessert. Best way to end the best weekend.

Hope your weekend was just as excellent. Cheers to a quick (and warmer, please oh goodness make it warmer) week!

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