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Happy Friday! And happy Pi Day (3.14)! Any fun plans this weekend? We actually have quite a busy weekend schedule and I'm looking forward to bopping from one fun thing to the next.  And I've planned a fun, semi-secret date night for Saturday. Oh, we'll be cheering on the Jayhawks in the Big XII tourney!  Can't believe March Madness is already upon us.

And now what you really want, the links I'm loving from the web this week:


As if pie wasn't enough, let's also take a moment today to honor this brilliance.

Spring style alphabet. Beautiful illustrations.

Darling children's clothes. From Australia!

Loved this op ed about the word 'bossy'. I'm sure it's no shock to you that I was often called bossy as a kid.

Michael White (one of my favorite chefs) on handmade pasta. The time and detail. Wow.

My new celebrity girl-crush. She is shockingly beautiful.

An activity tracker...for your dog. Lily's would be sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep. play! snugs. sleep. sleep. sleep. But really, a pretty neat device. (Thanks for sharing, Caroline!)

Coolest. Unis. Ever. Turtle Power!

Do this this weekend. I know I haven't in umm...a year? Ew.

An eclectic NYC apartment. Look at all that light! The nursery is my favorite.

Don't forget, St. Patrick's Day is Monday. Celebrate with this.

Have a sweet weekend. Eat some pie tonight!

P.S. In case you missed them: a tip with tulips, three spring outfits, and a yummy supper.

{image from Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Rumored to have the best pie in NYC}

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