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Greetings.  I think I forgot to tell you that we had a three day weekend. I apologize for those of you who were back at work yesterday waiting for the distraction that is our weekend recaps. We had a great three days together eating, hibernating, and binge-watching House of Cards. Here are a few photos...

For our Valentine's Day meal, Al requested spaghetti and meatballs. I put him to work on the meatballs while I made the salad and sauce. He's got pretty good form!

The final products. We kept it casual and ate at the counter. We had a blast cooking together and the meal came out very well - but were so full we couldn't even make dessert!

Oh, and a quick note about the gorgeous Valentine's flowers I received from Al. These are from the darling new floral delivery company, Petal by Pedal - a passion project from one of our dear friends. Check them out - they officially launch the first day of Spring!

Saturday, despite the snow (HUGE snowflakes!), I made it a few blocks south to go to spin class with my pal Jolie. Caught this classic New York moment.  Chess doesn't stop for snow.

Later that night, Al and I headed out for our long awaited dinner at Torrisi. (This review is spot on). The meal was better than I could have imagined.  And in such an intimate space - the entire place only seats 20.

Sunday morning was lovely, partly because it felt like Saturday morning - we still had two days until work - and partly because we ate cookies for breakfast. We received this darling, personalized box of Italian cookies and chocolates when we left Torrisi.  I'm such a sucker for details (and baker's twine).  Al joked that they should have just charged us less for dinner. Ha.

For a late lunch, we headed out as a family of three - Lily came wearing TWO coats - and walked a few blocks to Brooklyn Bagel.  I'd always know we had a bkbagel near us, but we had never been before.  Boy, are we dumb.  We should have been going every Sunday. Fresh boiled bagel with fresh nova and fresh whipped veggie cream cheese.  I was in heaven.  You can guess where we'll be next Sunday morning.

And then the rest of Sunday was spent devouring (and finishing) House of Cards. I can't even talk about it, it was so crazy and good and dark. As we watched the last episode of the season we had one of those "now what do we do?" moments.  P.S.  This is Lily in our HOC filter. ☺

Monday was spent doing what we were supposed to do Sunday - working, laundry, and baking (new tasty muffin recipe coming soon).  Oh, and duh, we napped, too.

Dinner was one of our favorite chicken recipes from who else - Ina!  I used mozzarella for Al's, though, because the man cannot stand goat cheese.

And we finally got around to baking our Valentine's desserts. Would you believe it if I told you these chocolate souffles came from Fresh Direct?  They come frozen; just bake for 22 minutes (and you get to keep the ramekins!).  I have to do everything in my power to not add these to my cart each week. 

Now just four days until the next weekend.  Woop!

Hope you had a sweet weekend!

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