weekend recap

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was lovely - and Al was able to come home early from his business trip so we were able to spend most of Sunday together!  Here are a few photos...

I worked late Friday night and came home with just enough energy to eat and watch tv (lfive straight episodes of Good Eats).  I was laughing with my mom that we both usually eat cereal when our men our out of town.  If I didn't have Al I think I'd cook a whole lot less.  (And yes, Lily got to slurp the milk when I was finished.)

Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  Except Lily still wanted to lay awake in bed. I obliged for an hour or so.

Things I do when my husband is gone #165:  style my toast.

Spent the afternoon doing a little shopping.  I went to Gap with hopes of coming away with some good loot, and ended up leaving empty handed.  I just can't bring myself to buy another sweater.  I'm sick of sweaters.  I did snag a few things from H&M and Sephora. Just what I need - another sweatshirt and more liquid liner.  I am pretty in love with the under-eye concealer I bought.  Really brightens up my dark circles!  And also nabbed a new pair of tweezers since I think I've had mine since I first started plucking my eyebrows - so what, since I was 12? And the cute soft-pink peplum top is going to get a lot of use this spring.

Later watched some more Good Eats (I go on these huge Alton Brown kicks occasionally) while doing my nails and snacking.  I joked on instagram that these are all things girls like. It's pretty much what my desk looked like in my sorority. :) 

Saturday night I made myself a big bowl of cacio e pepe before going to meet my girlfriends. Apparently, I only eat sugar or carbs when Al is away.

Celebrated our friend Emily's birthday.  Love these girls.  (That's confetti in Em's hair, btw. ☺And of course, I'm holding Zoey, our friend's pooch.  We're in love, me and Zoey.)

Sunday Lily and I got the groceries.  And by "get the groceries" I mean haul them up from our lobby.  Tough work.  Such a little city pup riding the luggage cart.

And then Al came home!  He still had to work, but at least he was home.  Lily and I napped next to him and kept him company. 

Supper was turkey melts and  crock pot potato soup (with my frozen broccoli trick - add it in the last 30 minutes of cooking).

And today I'm totally feeling like this.  Just...can't...quite...make...it.  That's Monday for ya.

Hope you had a cheery weekend!

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