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Happy Friday!  How adorable is this ^^ photo?  I'm using it to pretend that New York City is still in a pretty white blanket of snow and not it's actual state of brown slush.  I have a quiet weekend planned - Al got called to Chicago at the last minute for work all weekend so it will be a lot of me and Lily Girl catching up on girly things - you know - reading the giant pile of magazines on my desk, going to Sephora, and checking out the new J.Crew spring stuff. Important tasks.  (Don't worry Al, we still miss you!)

While I'm off being productive sans-husband, check out what I'm loving this week from around the web:


This is why I love HONY.

Whether you call this city your home or you're coming for a visit, this is incredibly helpful and informative.

This is one of those, "why didn't I think of that?" ideas.  Def going to try it out for our next big event. (via PureWow)

This video is all over the place this week.  I can't get enough of it.  A reminder to enjoy everything this world gives us.

In New York this Saturday? Go here.  (CHEAP GOOD WINE!)

Even funnier tumblr.  This is still my favorite episode.

Things to know before you go to Paris.

We definitely need this for our gallery wall

You know, I think I'd be very happy in this darling cottage.

I didn't know anything about Peggy Guggenheim before reading this article.  What a character!

This made my heart melt.  They should start a charity where people can donate to help do this in their local communities. 

Coffee connoisseur?  You'll love this.

Leaving you with this.  It's like he read my mind.


Have an awesome weekend!

P.S.  Things you might have missed:  'Always go to the funeral' and How to do Valentine's Day at home.

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