friday finds + happy valentine's day!

Happy Friday!  And happy Valentine's Day!  As you know, we have plans to cook together tonight.  Saturday we have another date lined up just the two of us at a restaurant I've been longing to try.  Other than that, no real plans.  I might get a massage, we might go to the movies, who knows.  I kind of like the idea that I don't have to be anywhere if I don't want to and that we are free to fly by the seat of our pants.  Cheers to spontaneity!

Since this week I had so few posts for you guys, I have jam packed this issue of Friday Finds. I hope you'll forgive me with these eighteen gems I loved from the web this week.


I'm taking thorough notes on how successful people stay calm.

NYC Restaurant Week starts next week!  I'm now accepting all invitations for dinner dates.

Chef Michael Ruhlman designs new spoons.  Smart.  And I love that he just up and made a new spoon like it was NBD.

Stop "SHOULD-ing" yourself.  Really.  Stop it.

Ever thought about travelling to Vietnam?  Let my worldly and hilarious friend, Cassidy give you some tips and info about visiting Ho Chi Minh City.

Made me smile.

Love this unique and fresh-feeling wedding.  Def going to recreate those black ties on the place settings soon.

Awesome art.  Would be so neat in a little boy's bedroom.

Obsessed with this West Village apartment.  Love the mix of natural and modern surfaces.

1.  There is such thing as a cook book tournament.  and 2. They have a party for it.  My kind of competition.

This is so amazing I can't even explain.  (Thanks Amber for the heads up!)

Beautiful and heartfelt letters.  Moms are the hardest working people ever.  Love to all the moms out there.

If you watch GIRLS, then you'll love this.

This looks SO FUN!  Who wants to come with me?

This resonated so much with me.  I have definitely traded in some of my Midwestern niceness for a New York cold shoulder.  (I love everything she writes.  Such wit!)

I couldn't agree more with this message.  Embedding the video here so it's easier for you to view. It's a must-see.

And leaving you with this.  Perfect for this day of love.

Happiest of Valentine's Day to you!  
I hope you feel the love today.

P.S.  Still need a Valentine's gift?  Here are some ideas.

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