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Leopold Stokowski, New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, 1947

Leopold Stokowski, New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, 1947

I love New York, there's no denying that. But I also love my couch. It's easy for me, especially in these nasty winter months, to stay home-bound hibernating. But it's hard to hibernate too long in a city that constantly and consistently offers events and activities that expand the mind and senses.

I also love my father in law, Danny (or Deacon as we affectionately call him - it was apparently his nickname when he played football in college). Deacon and I are kindred spirits in that when we find something we like, we want to know everything about it - he loves to learn. He often focuses his research on events taking place in New York - almost as if he's our entertainment director. Sometimes he even clues us in to things we didn't even know about! But what makes Deacon's suggestions special is that he doesn't just send a link, he gives us a little bit of him - ranging from informative to witty to wise.

Perfect example is this email we received a few weeks ago:

The [New York Philharmonic] is presenting the five Beethoven piano concertos during the last half of June.  All five are great....#5 is widely considered the best, but I am partial to #3.
The concerto is a symphony for full orchestra and an individual instrument soloist. Piano concertos are my favorite....the pianist is the pitcher, the symphony  is the rest of the team, and the conductor is the manager. The pianist is out on his own in the spotlight with all eyes focused on him. He can throw a gem, pitch a nice game, or throw up a gopher pitch to lose the game. Usually he makes good pitches and the defense sparkles.

A beautiful comparison. It makes you want to go see it in action, doesn't it?  I immediately snatched up tickets and began listening to all five of Beethoven's concertos, texting Deacon my reviews after finishing each one. The music stuns me just from listening to my iTunes (and it makes a lovely background for cooking, might I add).  I can't imagine the power and feeling from when we hear it live, in Avery Fisher Hall, all the while imagining the pianist pitcher and this symphony team.

So take two three lessons from today's story. 1.) Do stuff. Find new events. Do something cultural. Leave the couch sometimes. 2.) Don't just ask people for recommendations, ask them why they like something. The 'why' is everything. And 3.) Listen to your father-in-law.

To get tickets to the New York Philharmonic Beethoven Piano Concertos Festival, go here (and hurry - they're selling out already!)

And if you're not in NYC, a quick Google search will give you symphonies in your area.  Give it a try.  It'll feel good to learn/hear/see/do something new.


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