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Hello!  How was your weekend?  Ours was surprisingly productive.  Feels nice to finally feel settled in and have our Christmas gifts and decor put away.  Also had the chance to catch up with many of our friends.  It had been so long since we'd seen everyone!  Here are a few photos...

Friday night I tested out the new Grilled Stuffed Nacho from Taco Bell.  Many of you know what a Taco Bell fiend I am.  I consider myself a very serious connesuieur.  I have high expectations and let me just tell you, the grilled stuffed nacho was a HUGE disappointment. Even more so than the Doritos Taco Loco.  It was too flat. I wanted it to be as thick as the crunch wrap supreme and instead it was maybe 1/4 of the thickness.  I ended up just rolling it all up burrito style.  The only positive out of it was that the new zesty nacho cheese is legit.  Next time, I'll  just get that on the beefy five layer burrito.  <end rant>  Also, all taco bell is best paired with celebrity gossip and cheap red wine.  #classy

A saving grace to Friday was that my 2014 Erin Condren Life Planner came!  I can't tell you enough how much I love this thing.  Thinking I'll do a separate post about it, but go check out her stuff.  It's awesome and is really helping me feel organized this year.  I'm using it for keeping track of blog stuff, my workouts, and our meal plans.  Two thumbs up.

Saturday morning started with green monster smoothies.  I use this recipe and add chia seeds and a tiny bit of honey.  Al eats like a five year old so I have to sneak in his veggies.  It helped too to put it in a Chiefs glass. ;) 

I met my girlfriends for brunch a a new spot, Ken & Cook.  Best way to celebrate Jolie's belated birthday and catch up after a month away from each other.  Very cute restaurant and a pretty good bloody mary too.

The most hilarious, unique, thoughtful, and pretty ladies I know.  ♥

 Great glow on Kenmare street after brunch.  

Saturday night we celebrated our friends Daniel and Sara's engagement.  Two of the sweetest people we know and such a fun party.  Cute party idea - clothespin everyone's name to a string of Christmas lights then take Polaroids of them (with props - Al only wanted the tiny red hats?) to hang by their names.  Instant guest book.

Sunday morning I woke up early to finally start taking down the Christmas decorations.  Got a wee bit side tracked watching Marley & Me.  Why I torture myself with the last 20 of that movie is a mystery.  It is so sad.  Al woke up to me holding Lily bawling my eyes out.  I've said it before, but dogs are the sweetest and most intuitive animals.  Pure unconditional love from our Lily girl. 

Tackled a few projects Sunday afternoon.  The first was rearranging our desk area.  It used to have a monitor for Al's old lap top/docking station that he hadn't used since law school. I removed all the extra hardware and set up my new work station complete with my new computer and planner.  Love having an area of my own for all my non-work work.  Just needs a bulletin board - anyone know where I can get a cute one?

The other project was putting on our new bedding.  It didn't take long thanks to this method. Our old duvet cover was so discolored from washing it so much.  I found this set on West Elm for a steal and got the cover and two Euro shams for less than $150!  I still need a few smaller throw pillows.  Suggestions anyone?

For supper I whipped up some chili (using this trusty recipe but this time I subbed turkey sausage meat for the veal) I love how different each of our chili toppings are.  Al is very simple:  saltines, cheese, sour cream.  I go a little more Tex-Mex with mine:  Fritoes, cilantro, hot sauce, cheese, sour cream.  We'll be eating this for the rest of the week!

What did you think of the Golden Globes?  I thought Amy and Tina's monologue was hilarious, but the show in general seemed to drag on.  My girlfriends and I were all texting back and forth, was it just us or did everyone seem to be dressed from dresses/hair from the 90s?  Lots of halters and brooches, and weird prom hair (Amy Adams).  To me the best dressed of the night were these two newcomers - Margo Robbie and Lupita Nyong.  Simple, clean, and perfect.
Margot Robbie image source                                                            Lupita Nyong image source

Nice little weekend.  Now for five days of work and then a three day weekend next week!  Happy Monday.

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