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How was your weekend?  I'm happy to report that what felt like our first weekend of the new year was a success - and fairly uneventful (which I consider a good thing).  We spent time slowly making our way back to non-vacation life and started facing the fact that work began again today.  Feeling well fed, well rested, and ready for reality...for the most part.  A few photos...

Friday due to the snow storm (and the fact that my office was dead) I worked from home. Lily and I barely moved from this position for twelve straight hours.  I think if I worked from home all the time I would never take off my jammies. I did manage to shower and get cleaned up to meet Al at our go-to Friedman's.  I love how that is becoming our Friday night tradition.  

Saturday morning we got back into one of my favorite things we seem to do every January - bagels and a morning movie.  We saw American Hustle and I thought it was great.  The entire cast is extremely talented (and I loved the clothes, hair, and make up).  Excited to see how it does at this weekend's Golden Globes.
Saturday afternoon was spent unpacking and watching that horrendous Chiefs game.  What a terrible weekend to be a Kansas fan (those Jayhawks on Sunday? What is happening?!).  Even Lily was pouting.

Saturday night, we checked out the West Village Italian spot, Pagani, with our dear friends Kara and Kate.  Spectacular menu, food, service, and atmosphere.  Highly recommend.  We will be back.
^^ My linguine with clams at Pagani.
I didn't get the memo about wearing glasses.  It felt like we were all in a Warby Parker ad. :)

Afterwards, we met up with friends for a nightcap and photo booth session.  Perfect end to our first Saturday out in 2014.

Sunday went a little something like this:  Part 1 - Snugs pup.

Part 2 - make healthy lunches for the week (quinoa pilaf, steamed veggies, teriyaki roasted chicken breast).

Part 3 - snugs pup again.  Try and watch this movie.  Fall asleep after 30 minutes. (Very strange movie, btw)

Part 4 - Homemade Italian wedding soup (recipe coming next week) + DOWNTON ABBEY!

Can we talk about how Princess Lea-like Lady Mary is in this shot?  Stop it with that hair.

Loved our weekend of getting back into our routines.  Here's to a positive and productive first full week back at work!

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