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Hi friends!  To those of you who had to work yesterday, I'm sorry for the gloating that is about to take place.  We had an amazing three day weekend.  If I could have one superpower it would be to make everyone have three day weekends.  It allows for one day of complete and utter relaxation.  No chores, just doing whatever you want to do without feeling guilty that the laundry or the errands still must be done.  We didn't really do all that much this weekend, but it was exactly what we needed.  Here are a few photos...

Friday night I took a hot bath to help with my cold.  Amazing what a good soak can do for your aches and pains (both physical and mental).  I've tried expensive bubble baths from spas and luxury companies.  Nothing beats Johnson's, though.

With me being a little sick and Al having to work a TON this weekend (from home, thankfully), I pulled the pallet out for our three days of resting/working.  Lily LOVES when we get out the pallet.  She runs back and forth and rolls all around.  It's like she knows how much snugging and laying around is going to happen. (For those of you who are new, the "pallet" is what we call our couch when we pull out the "bed" portion.  It's all from Ikea and it's awesome.  It's an L-shaped couch and then the middle pulls out and up to make a giant pallet!).

Saturday morning was spent at the vet's office.  We seem to be there all the time.  Lily prances in like she owns the place.  This time, thankfully, we were just there for a vaccine.

Back at home it was back on the pallet where I spent time reading this cookbook.  I like to read cook books cover to cover the first time.  Highlighting and marking pages, notes, and recipes as a I go.  It's kind of like an album of music, it's supposed to be enjoyed at first all in one dose.  I loved the book - very inspirational and motivating to put fresh, home-cooked meals on the table night after night.

Saturday night we met our friends Jim and Kyle for dinner at Montmartre.  There's nothing like a long dinner at a cozy spot with good people, endless conversation, and delicious food.

...the free desserts helped too. :)

Sunday morning we grabbed bagel sandwiches and went to The Wolf of Wallstreet.  May I just say, that movie is INSANE.  I can't believe that is a "true" story.  Completely nuts.  Leo is fabulous in it.  The whole thing could have been about 45 minutes shorter, though.

And then, can you believe it, we went back to the pallet.  Al worked and I did my "homework".  (My mom and I call going through our catalogs and magazines homework.  It really is work!)

We stayed like that on into the night.  We watched Enough Said (its now on On Demand!) Fantastic film.  Julia is phenomenal in it and I thought Al was going to cry watching James Gandolfini.

Monday we finally decided to be productive humans.  Well, actually, Al was productive all weekend with work.  I guess I decided to be productive.  I did manage to yank Al away from his computer to take a long walk down by the water.  I knew the latest winter storm was coming and this might be our last chance for awhile to walk outside.

Back at home we bathed Lily and did laundry.  This is Lil after her bath.  She goes CRAZY!

Finished the night watching the Jayhawks with homemade Wang Burgers.  Don't know what a Wang Burger is?  Then book a ticket now and head to the greatest place on Earth

Feeling rested and ready for this four day work week.  
Hope you had a nice weekend - whether it be two or three days. :) 
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