travis sandoval glass

Good morning!  Today I want to introduce you to my latest obsession:  Travis Sandoval Glass.  Just look at these pieces...

Each piece is made by hand and is one of a kind.  I love how he says the pieces "forge together sophisticated Scandinavian functionality and whimsical modern forms". 

I think the domes are my favorite.  I love the idea of one resting on the counter filled with fruits, treats, or my favorite - cheese.  A little pop of color resting on the counter to greet you each day.  How nice.

And what a lovely wedding-shower gift - a hand blown cake plate to use at the wedding and for the rest of their cake-eating lives.  (Fun fact:  Travis is married to a pastry chef!)
I'm also eyeing these tumblers for our bar area.

I just love the beautiful design in the cheerful colors.  What spectacular gifts they would make.  I haven't been able to find pricing for all of these items, but I can see they aren't cheap - and for good reason - they're one-of-a-kind and handmade.  The glass dome will run you $400.

These locations carry his work, although I wasn't able to find them on any of their websites. Looks like he'll have a booth at the New York Gift Fair next week - anyone want to sneak me in?!  

See why I'm obsessed?  
Side note:  his work makes me hungry for ice cream. (?)

I first discovered Travis Sandoval's work in the August 2013 Food and Wine Magazine. Content and photos on this blog post all from travssandvoalstudio.com.

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