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José Cardoso Pires - De Profundis, Valsa Lenta.

The last two mornings when I was just starting to wake up I thought it was Saturday.  Pretty much the worst realization ever once I discovered that it was not, in fact, Saturday.  But finally! Saturday is almost here.  And we have a three day weekend!  (And I have a wretched head cold.)  We have very few plans other than to rest, see a few movies, and I need to finish this beast of a book.

While I'm hibernating, check out what I loved this week from around the web: 


We'll be checking out a few flicks on this year's list of Oscar nominees.  What are your favorites?

Cute and funny cake topper for any of you newly engaged kids.

Kourtney Kardashian's home.  I like some of it.  Some of it makes me dizzy.

Looking for inspiration to work out more this year?  Watch this.

How good is your vocabulary?  I scored 20,600.  What did you get?  (via Cup of Jo)

Go to Paris this year.  Here's why.  As if you needed more reasons to go to Paris.

I've been a little sad all week hearing that the world lost a sweet boy last Friday. In Memory of Sam Berns.  If you haven't yet, watch this (on HBO On Demand if you have it). And stay tuned for my team page for the Progeria Research Foundation for Sam's friend, Zoey.


Have a lovely weekend.  I'll be back on Tuesday!

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