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snowflake hair
Happy Friday!  I don't know about you, but I'm ready for this is whole polar vortex thing to be, as Kristin Cavallari would sayDUNZO.  Just checked the weather and things are looking up (despite this morning's wet snow/rain) so I'll stop complaining.  I mostly wanted to use DUNZO.

Our calendar is full for Saturday and empty for Sunday.  Just the way I like it.  Happy weekend to you!

And check out what excited me this week:


A little nod to home with this guide to Kansas City from Matt Baldwin (of Baldwin Denim). 

Adam Platt's Where to Eat 2014 aka This Year's To Do List (Love the part about giving up his anonymity.)

Whoa.  Is this true?

THIS.  Yes.  I must.  A good Valentine's gift (hint, hint, Al). ;) 

This wedding seems like a scene from a dream.  So soft and romantic.

I would totally eat from The Burrito Box.  It can't be any worse than gas station frozen burritos, right*?

But I can't eat from The Burrito Box every day, so I guess this beautiful winter salad will work for non-burrito days.

Daydreaming today of being here.

I WANNA GO TO FARM CAMP<stomps foot and pouts like child>

Have a cozy weekend!

*I eat gas station frozen burritos.

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