weekend recap

The best way to describe our weekend was 1 part seasonal 1 part cozy.  I can't believe it was our last weekend in New York until the new year!  Still so much to do, but that's another story.  Here are a few photos...

Friday night was our annual trip to the Nutcracker.  It's one of our favorite traditions we do with our group of friends.  Last year we went to the ABT version in Brooklyn, which was lovely, but I'm so accustomed to the New York City Ballet edition.  It was great to be back at Lincoln Center and see the show that still has me smiling from the first note to the final curtain. 

Saturday morning I woke up early in an attempt to be productive, but couldn't tear myself away from my book.  Finished this and it was a terrific read.  One of those where as you read it you wish it would become a movie and then you start casting the parts with your favorite actors.  Lily proved her usefulness as a Kindle proper-upper.  

We finally all got up and going to venture out in the snow.  First time of the season where I've really had to bundle up.  I sent this pic to my friend Cassidy in Singapore.  She responded with one of her in a tank top. :( 
^^Like my laundry piles in the background?
First stop was the vet to get Lily's travel meds.  The place was packed with people.  Doggie ambien retrieval was clearly on everyone's errand list on Saturday.

Second stop was the Apple Store.  I love the Apple Store in the meatpacking district.  Far less crowded and it's in this old building with big beautiful windows. 

Saturday night two of my girlfriends and I decided to trek to Jersey City to go to Chili's.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Chili's, the chain restaurant.  I love it so much (as you may already know).  So we bundled up, braved the snow, the PATH train, a bunch of drunk Santas from Santacon, and made the entire thing an adventure.  

Before we even sat down we ordered some southwestern egg rolls and skillet queso.  It. Was. Awesome.

We were in tears with the hilarity of how cheap our bill was.  Two appetizers, two entrees, and six drinks for $70.  That would have totaled to at least $150 at even the crummiest of sports bars in Manhattan.  We could not get over it.
^^We saved so much we treated ourselves to an Uber car home.
Sunday morning I raced to get my shopping done as quickly as possible so that I could hibernate the rest of the day at home.  Best part of the shopping was stopping at David's Tea.  They make great gift boxes.  I could spend hours in there sampling (and smelling) the varieties of tea.

I had to buy myself a few bags as well.  Just look at it!  This is their sleigh ride mix.  Look at those big chunks of tea, fruit, spices and nuts.  It's almost like tea-granola.  (Also got this blend too.  Had it for dessert last night). 

Ended our Sunday with slow cooked ham and beans that had been simmering on the stove all day.  This meal reminds me of my childhood and my parents so much.  It just tastes like home. 

A cozy weekend with so many things I love.  But most of all, this face:

And now to get through the next five days.  Then I'm off for two glorious weeks!
Hope you had a warm weekend.
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