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One week till Christmas!  It always seems that the guys on my Christmas list are the hardest.  But this year, I think I've found some great options.  This guide has something for every type of dude - from sporty to corporate to foodie to hipster, you can't miss with these twelve ideas...

for the guy

Acrylic Block Picture Frames - Every man should have a picture of his lady on his desk. It's old school and sweet.  I love these picture frames because they're no fuss - just two acrylic blocks that snap together with magnets.  $16 - $20

Warby Parker Chamberlain Glasses - Glasses are the perfect cool-guy accessory (I love when Al wears his!).  Warby Parker frames have been on my radar for years - the shapes an colors are timeless and hip.  Unsure what frames to get for your guy?  They also has adorable gift cards* this year that can be sent in the mail with a fun 'make a snowman' kit.  That way your guy will still have a physical gift to open, and he'll have TONS of variety in glasses and sunglass frames from which to choose.  *E-gift cards are also available for you last minute people (not judging). $95 (includes anti-reflective prescription lenses)

Leather Phone Case + Wallet - Part money clip, part iphone case.  Now he has only one thing he needs to shove in the pocket of his skinny cords.  $40

Growler - Looks snazzy on a bar and the perfect vessel for him to transport his favorite seasonal ale.  Reminds me of this spot in my hometown where you could get growlers to go. Bonus points for the amazing Jay-Z reference.  $15

Baseball Cap - Not just for KC fans, this hat is from the cooler-than-cool Baldwin denim company.  Classic colors and lines and so cute that you might have to take a play from Olivia Wilde and borrow it from him occasionally.  $42

Bacon Gift Set - for those who believe bacon is it's own food group.  This gift set comes with a variety of bacon-flavored goodies that will have him in awe.  {drat, this is sold out!  It wasn't a few days ago when I wrote this post.  Sorry! But get a gift card, because it looks SO GOOD}

Oyster of the Month Club - For the ultimate food lover.  Fresh oysters delivered to his door each month.  Comes with a oyster knife and shucking glove too!  To me, this is the gift for the man who has everything.  So luxurious and unique! $100/month

Wool Knit Hat - This is the perfect winter hat. Enough slouch + enough warmth.  Love the chunky knit in two colors that go with everything.  $42

Backgammon Set - Bring back an old classic with this luxe printed backgammon set.  Easy to pack up in the car for road trips or a cozy night at home.  Additionally, it would look lovely set out in a den or beach house.  I know my dad would love this since he loves games that don't involve an iphone. ;)    $195 (25% off with code CHEER25)

Whiskey Book - A history lesson in whiskey along with directions for making his own. From the founders of New York City's Kings County Distillery.  Great in a library, even better at the bar.  $15.78

Pour Over Coffee Kit - For the true coffee fans.  From Brooklyn's Sumptown Cofee, this kit has everything he needs to begin and learn the pour over coffee technique.  He can be a little chemist in the kitchen and you get the benefit of tasting the final product.  $120

Puffer Vest - If your guy is anything like mine, he's over-heated even in the coldest of temps.  This warm, insulated vest is the perfect solution.  Core stays warm, but he's not covered up entirely.  Love the coffee brown color - would go so well over all those plaid shirts he has. ;)  $160

Now, quick!  Go snag these before they're gone.
Happy shopping!

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