friday finds

Christmas Lights~
Happy Friday!  Fun plans this weekend?  This is pretty much our last semi-free weekend before the rush of holiday parties and end-of-the-year work stuff takes over.  Plans to do some holiday shopping and have a little early birthday dinner for yours truly.  Looking forward to being in the city with all of it's holiday energy.  It really is the best time in New York. 

Here are links of what I'm loving this week (and a few from last week since I didn't post last Friday):
I love these kind of things.  It's like a fun game where I try to go to all of them as soon as possible. 

All of it.

I watched these instagram videos from Julianne Hough like 20 times.
This one.  and This one.
What a fun family.

Perfect timing too because we're headed to The Nutcracker next weekend!

...read all the way to the end for a surprise ending.

TV News:
And this.  Do you love 'where are they nows' as much as me?

Food stuffs:
25 cheesy dips.  Drool.
30 soups.  Hibernation station.

I'm a sucker for a bold, colorful print.

This video stole the show for me this week.
So good I have to embed the video.  You must watch.  I love Jimmy Fallon so much.

Have a fun weekend!

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