weekend recap

Hi hi!  How was your weekend?  Ours was peachy.  I got some stuff done - but also left a few things undone and just enjoyed lounging around.  Sometimes you just need to do nothing, you know?  

Here are a few photos...

Friday night after a nutty week I met Al for dinner at where else, Friedman's.  We were excited to try their new dinner menu.  It was fantastic (albeit my photo not all that great).  I got the brick chicken over fried brussels sprouts.  Al got the crab cakes.  Both were full of flavor.  Very excited for our little local place and their success.

After dinner I went straight to bed.  And didn't move from this position for ten hours.

Then it was just our standard Saturday:  morning bagels in the park...

...looking at the beautiful fall colors and morning light.

Saturday night we went to our friends' Jolie, Bekah, and Emily's new apartment.  Such a cute space and they have an outside patio (so jealous)!  Here's a group shot which I like for two reasons:  (1) we have a lot of friends and (2) all those people fit in their apartment, a feat for New York. :) 

Sunday I woke up and saw this.  Just lounging on top ofAl, nbd.  This dog kills me.

Of course it was a rainy Sunday the one time I didn't order our groceries through Fresh Direct.  I didn't really mind walking all the way to the store though.  The rain matched my mood - kind of lazy and snuggy.  And I got to wear my red wellies for the Chiefs.

I spent the afternoon curled up with Lil reading mags, editing photos, and writing.  It was marvelous.

For the Cheifs game I made a little make-your-own panini station.  Rosemary foccacia, sauted broccoli rabe, tomatoes, prosciutto, soppressata, and provolone.

The sandwiches were great.  The outcome of the game? Not so much.

And because I feel weird ending a post with a sandwich photo, here's another of our grinning bully.

Have a great week!
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