new winter beauty favs

Brrrr!  It got really cold here in a matter of days.  I went from wearing my light trench to my puffy coat in a day.  You should have seen Lily when I made her wake up and move this morning so that I could pull my sleeping bag of a coat out from under the bed.

Lily's not the only one who's startled right now.  It's always about this time when I notice a change in my skin and hair.  My skin gets dryer and my hair is so brittle it feels like it could snap.  I still stick to my winter beauty regimen to tackle these problems, but this year I've added two more products to the rotation.  

Yes, you saw that correctly.  And no, it isn't 1985.  VO5 Hot Oil has been around for so long because it WORKS.  They now have a slight upgrade to the formula so you no longer have to soak the tub of oil in hot water for 3 minutes (although, that was my favorite part). It's easier now - in the shower I wet my hair and then slather about 1/4 of the bottle of this oil all over my hair, focusing on the ends.  Wait one minute and then rinse, shampoo, and condition as normal.  It's like magic!  My hair feels stronger, the ends healthier, and all around shinier and less brittle.  Do this once a week and you'll save your hair from the harsh winter.

The second product I've used a few times before, but just recently fell in love with it again. I've tried several body scrubs in the past and some are a little to abrasive for me. But the body scrub from Bliss is just enough to get off  that dry, dead skin without over-drying (bonus points for it's clean scent). I use it with my Clarisonic and the body brush attachment, paying special attention to my knees, ankles, and elbows.  My skin feels so soft and stays that way for days. I even feel like my body lotion absorbs into my skin better and I'm not all itchy by the end of the day.  

These best part of both of these is that the body scrub routine takes about a minute, which just so happens to be how long you need to keep the VO5 on your hair.  Put on the hair oil, do a quick body scrub, and then rinse out the oil.  And just like that, in two minutes, your skin and hair are all anew.  Take that winter temps!

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