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Are you a one-brand only type of person?  I often try new brands and then when I find something I like from a line, I'm quick to try their other stuff.  That's exactly what happened with my love of Yes To products.  It started with my fondness for their make-up removing towelettes which feel so good.  My face feels fresher than if I had washed it with water!  After I mentioned the make-up wipes in our Paris post, my friend Laura who works at Yes To sent me a big box of their stuff.  I mean, it was like my dream come true.  Honestly, I still haven't gotten around to trying everything she sent me (it was a lot!), but it was very clear from first use that I had some new favorites for my beauty line up.  Isn't it nice when a product does exactly what it says it will do on the packaging?  Plus they're all-natural, full of vitamins from fruits and veggies, and free of parabens and other bad stuff.   Here are my top five favorite Yes To products...

This is hands down (ha!) the best hand lotion I've used in a long, long time.  It lasts forever and doesn't leave my keyboard with a coat of grease.  I have this out on my desk and everyone who walks by tries some and loves it.  A definite must for your handbag, car, desk, bedside table.

I'm a sucker for tinted lip balms.  When I'm rushing out the door I don't have time to so several steps for my lips.  This balm is incredibly moisturizing and really softens and gets rid of those chapped little pieces.  Plus, it's the greatest color - a wine-kissed plum color that is perfect for fall.

I think this one is my favorite favorite.  I've never understood it when facial products say they are "brightening".  I finally get it!  There's no better way to say it - this scrub literally leaves my face brighter!  All that dull, dead skin is polished away and my skin feels soft and new.  It's kind of like getting a facial every day.  I can't get enough of it.  Also, it smells good.

Another one that I don't know how I lived without it.  Dark circles are genetic.  Plus I'm always tired.  I had just accepted that my dark circles would always be there.  But now!  Now they are less noticeable   That grapefruit is a super fruit, indeed.  It helps brighten the eye area and makes me look more awake. I use this after my moisturizer before my make up.  It makes me look alive.  I like that.

I'm almost 28, or is it 29?  Oh no, I'm at the age where I don't know my age.  Whatever.  The point is that I'm not in my early twenties anymore.  Wrinkle prevention is at the forefront of my beauty routine now and this night cream is perfect.  It's super rich and moisturizing, but free of any weird chemicals you often find in anti-aging products.  I don't really have deep wrinkles that need repair, but this has definitely softened those frown lines between my brows and the smile lines around my eyes.  And in the morning my skin plump and soft.  This is one I'll be using for a long, long time.

Another great thing about these products:  The first three are all less than $10 (the last two are both under $20).  All natural, they WORK, and reasonably priced?  Now there's a brand I can get behind.  Go give some Yes To stuff a try.  I know you'll love it.


Disclosure:  Yes to Carrots is not sponsoring this post.  They did not ask me to write this post, nor are they paying me for it.  My friend just sent me some stuff;  I liked it so I'm writing about it.  That's all!

{all images via the Yes To website}
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