weekend recap

Hi hi!
We're back from our whirlwind tour of Kansas!
What a spectacular wedding - so full of love and fun.
Here are a few photos...

Lily was so good on this trip.
She knows to just lay in her bag and wait at the airport like a good girl. 

We arrived Kansas City late Thursday night and stayed at Al's parent's house.
Friday morning we were up bright and early to drive to Wichita.
Imagine this view...for 3 hours. ;)

The bride at her luncheon!
Also note the super cute bags she gave us.

After the luncheon I went to play with my cousin's kids, Luke and Grace.
I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture with them
They're seriously the cutest kids ever.

Then it was time for rehearsal dinner!
Golf themed since they met working at a golf course.
Inside the score card you wrote down "18 tips for a great marriage".  So adorable.

And then it was the wedding day!
Check out this amazing venue.  

A close up of the huge Chihuly glass chandelier.  How awesome.

The STUNNING bride.
Ginny - you nailed it!

We snuck a peek at their first look moment.
It was so sweet to watch Brian relax once he saw Ginny.

I found my date!
Managed to peel him away from working in our hotel room all weekend.
One blurry pic of us from the entire weekend.  Wups!

First dance (sung by the father of the bride - so sweet).

My aunt, uncle, and cousins were at the wedding too.
My cousins and I started cracking up when we realized we were all wearing the same style of dress in different colors.  That is so us.
LOVED getting to see you all!

And one of the Kappa girls.

Sunday morning up early again to drive back to KC.
Slightly different skyline than what we have here in NYC.

Thanks to my mom for shuttling us between KC and Wichita.
Loved getting to see you mom, even if most of it was inside your car!

After yet, ANOTHER CHIEFS WIN we sat out and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
A little game of catch while Lily went insane chasing the ball back and forth.

And then it was time to leave.  :(
We realized on the way to airport we didn't have any food to use to give Lily her pill. 
(yes, we drug her on the flights - vet recommended, totally safe)
Cue Lily's first drive through experience.  She was beyond confused.

Back at the airport, all packed up and ready to go.

I was seriously not ready to leave.
May have even shed a few tears on the plane.
Love to all our family.
And best wishes on a long and happy marriage to G & B!

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