thursday finds

this is so sweet

Happy Friday Thursday!
Signing off a day early this week.
We're headed to Kansas to celebrate my dear, sweet, spunky friend Ginny's wedding.
I can't wait to see her and all of our other friends from college.
And I get to see my family - only for a few brief moments, but still!  Enough time for hugs!

Leaving you with a double dose of 'finds' this week.  Enjoy!


This house.
Oh yes.

And while we're on the topic of houses, 
And houses in Lonny for that matter,
I also heart this home makeover.

I've said it before, but now there's scientific proof - 
dogs are a lot like humans.
Whoa - modern day gypsies.
Living in covered wagons?
Beautiful photos.

This commercial makes me laugh so much.
This is how Al reacts every time he gets in a cab.

These also made me laugh.
I'm totez dressing my child up as Anna Wintour someday.

Four great links about food and kitchens:
1.) Mark Bittman on the four categories of soups.

2.) The history of the words "soup" and "stew" 
(this one is for Al - he doesn't liket he sound of the word "soup")

3.) A great kitchen/cooking tip.  Just ordered a set for myself from Amazon.

4.) Altan Brown's kitchen cleaning tips.

Enough about food...
I think I need one of these.
I <3 Kansas.

Already pre-ordered my copy!  
Can't wait to have this on my coffee table.

And finally, leaving you with Miley.
But a good Miley!
Miley acapella with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots.
I have to admit, the girl can sing.


Have a spectacular end of your week and weekend!

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