weekend recap

Hi hi!
I hope you had a good weekend.
We had a great one with friends, a dog party, and some fall weather.
Here are a few photos...

Friday night we went to a fun group dinner at Mexican Radio.  
As you can imagine, I love that place (hello Mexican food!).  
The fish tacos are just perfect.  The spicy margarita isn't bad either.

Afterwards, thanks to the street fair nearby, we ate beignets...in the bar.

Beignets make us happy.  See?

Saturday morning we headed down to the Chelsea Dog Park to celebrate our dog walking service, The Barking Meter's sixth birthday.  
It was so fun to see the staff that we love and all of Lily's friends.
^^ (Lily was too thirsty to pose for the photo.  Diva.)

Love our little family. 
(Ew, that sweaty hat has GOT to go.)
King Queen of the mountain.

Failed attempt at a frenchie pic.

She was so worn out.  She slept for six straight hours once we got home.

Saturday night I met up with my girlfriends to snugs and eat before my very pretty, very sweet, very talented friend Cassi moves to Singapore. 
(Follow her journey to the other side of the world on her new blog!)  
It was such a great night to sit and girl-talk for hours...
...while eating every appetizer and dip known to man.

We sat outside and it got quite chilly!  
So fun to cozy up with blankets, friends, and wine. 
Love those girls so much.

Sunday was all about the (undefeated) Chiefs!

A little photo shoot in front of the John Brown mural (of which you can see none of in the photo).
(Open your eyes, Katie!)
Sunday evening was less exciting.
We both worked.
The only saving grace was grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper.

We both have busy weeks so here's to getting making it through them alive.
Wishing you a light and lovely week!

{photos by me & a few from the dog park by Team TBM}
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