friday finds

Happy Friday!
The sun is shining here and the temperature has finally dropped below 90 degrees.
What are your weekend plans?
We have a quite a bit on tap for this weekend - we'll be busy - but in a good way.

Here are links to browse while we're checking things off our schedule...

This New Yorker cartoon made me chuckle.
While we aren't at that stage of life yet, it is something we definitely think about from time to time.

I've totally had it.  
And it wasn't pretty.

A a great piece looking back at Windows on the World, the restaurant on top of the World Trade Center.

On a lighter note, how to unshrink your clothes.

My friend from high school was profiled by NBCNews for her nanny job!
I love it.  "Modern Day Mary Poppins".

Is anyone else as excited as I am about seeing the new Today Show set?
Here's a sneak peek.

Want this.
Clearly I'm loving everything Madewell is doing this fall.
I see a trip there in my future (probably Saturday). :) 

Have a sunny weekend!

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