weekend recap

It is safe to say we live for the weekend.
What an awesome few days.
Repeat please. 
Here are a few photos...

Friday it was raining and gross out.
So wings and a movie it was.

Saturday morning I met my friends Cassi and Michael to help with their engagement photos.
They were naturals.

Afterwards, I did a quick little stop at Eataly.
Just a bouquet of peonies and a bag of fresh cherries.
What else does a girl need?
(And yes, you'll notice in the photo below that I have spectacularly long toes.  
It's a sign of genius. 
Or at least that's what my mom used to tell me.)

Then it was time for the party!
What a tremendously fun night celebrating our two friends who are getting married...
...and moving to Singapore!
She had her photographer stop by to take some party pics - but I don't have my hands on those yet.  I hope to post some soon.

In the meantime, a shot of the girls...

Party favors - instagram cookies with photos of Cassi & Michael through the years.
These were a huge hit.

And a book for the couple.
Everyone signed a page with their neighborhood or favorite area of NYC.
Looks like Beyonce also signed. ;)

Sunday started with this...

...followed by this...

...and ended with this.


Hope you had a lovely and tasty weekend!
Cheers to an easy week!


{photos by me}
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