perfect packer

As our trip to France nears (two weeks to go!), I'm already starting to lay aside clothes and items we'll need to take with us.  That pile is quickly growing and I'm already getting stern looks from Al regarding my tendency to over pack.

I remembered reading about Heather Poole, a flight attendant who showed the New York Times how to pack for a ten day trip in a carry on bag.  It is VERY impressive.  A big trick that I usually don't use - rolling your clothes instead of folding.  It works, take a look at the  full photographic proof here

I'm going try her technique and will report back.
But all this talk of using a carry on bag?  
No.  Way.  
We're going to France, not backpacking Europe... :) 


P.S. Stay tuned next week - I'm going to show you some packing tips of mine that do work.

{images via here and  here}
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