friday finds

{ apparently I have an abundance of 4th of July pics - one more for you. :) }

Happy Friday!
And happy long weekend to those of you who don't have to work today.
We had a great time yesterday with friends - look for pictures on Monday.
Off to the beach tomorrow to hopefully make up for the fact that I'm working today.

Here are some finds to browse on while you're out soaking in summertime.


Look at this spectacular wedding.
So much love and personality.
Shot by none other than Tyler Wirken - love him!

I picked up a few tips for our trip in a few weeks.

Like the feeling of working in a coffeeshop?
Well now you can get that pleasant background noise with coffitivity.
Pretty neat.
(via amateur gourmet)

Yes.  To all of it.

And two darling frenchie bits for you here and here.
From readers Allison and Piper.
I love how people send me anything related to frenchies. :) 


Have a glorious weekend!

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