friday finds

Happy Friday!
I'm looking forward to feeling the love this weekend.
We're hosting a little Engagement Party celebration for our dear friends Cassidy and Michael.
And Sunday?  Well, Sunday we're having lobsters
(Head's up Fresh Direct customers, lobsters are on sale for $4.99/lb!)

While we're out enjoying the good parts of life, check out these links from around the web...

Another thing to add to our to-do list this weekend.
Although, I feel like I get this much light any summer night looking West around 8pm.

How cute would this be for a kids room or a classroom?
I sort of want it to hang above my couch.  Is that weird?

Another restaurant list for our master list.
I can't keep up! (Although I'm proud to say we've dined at 12 of those.)

Oh! And that reminds me,
NYC Restaurant Week is July 22 - August 16 and they just started taking reservations.

I would give up just about everything (except Al and Lily) to go to this camp.
Can't wait to explore Blue Hill later this summer.

Fascinating art exhibit.
I wish it was nearby.  I'd love to see it in person.

Please, Al?!

And finally, a little something about hashtags.
I agree with almost all of this. #sortof. ;)

Wishing you a weekend of love!

P.S. Dessert to go with our lobsters?  I think, YES!

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